A Comment, instead of a Comment: Europe and China

Hi Jixiang,

blogspot.com sucks. I have tried posting a comment on your blog for ten minutes, until clicking fire hydrants, buses and traffic lights (to prove that I’m no robot) had sent me into a state of trance.

Anyway, here goes. This would have been my comment.

… and it would be most effective if the EU as a whole would draw them.

I agree, but believe that EU countries won’t react to the challenges in the same speed. In many ways, it’s the commerical base that shapes the policies, because there is no primacy of politics in Europe.

Countries like Germany, Sweden or the Netherlands are more likely to draw comparatively “early lines”, because they and China are the most immediate competitors, on similar markets, and all of them post trade surpluses.

It would be great if human rights and fundamental rights counted in Europe, but I don’t think they do.

P.S.: Yes, Jixiang, and Foarp, too: blogspot.com sucks. Try wordpress.com.



RAE, CRI, Universal Topics, March 22, 2018
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3 Comments to “A Comment, instead of a Comment: Europe and China”

  1. Hey justrecently,

    thanks for the comment! I have just copy and pasted it under my blog post.

    Blogspot may suck, but it seems a pity to start a new blog and forego all my old content.

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  2. Thanks! As for blogging, why would your old content be foregone? You can continue from it, and link back to it all the time. Anyway, I’ll keep trying to comment – I’m a big fan of zebra-crossing photos, and the Blogspot bot test provides many.

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  3. Haha. That’s hilarious. I suppose problem is solved now.

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