Abe’s Visit to Darwin: Kneeling PM, Crouching PM

ABC coverage, Nov 16, 2018

Guanchazhe online (Observer), a news website from Shanghai, publishes a report, referring to Reuters newsagency coverage, writing that Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe and Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison held a ceremony at Darwin Cenotaph on Friday, commemorating the dead from Japan’s air raids on Darwin during WW2, 76 years ago. The article also mentions discussions concerning strengthened trade and defense cooperation between the two leaders.

The article refers to a liquid natural gas (lng) investment project in Darwin, with a planned Japanese investment of 54 billion Australian dollars (about 274.7 billion RMB), with INPEX Holdings Inc. as the main shareholder and operator, as one of the cooperation projects.

Without comment, Guanchazhe also quotes Morrison as saying*) that

Australia and Japan remain consistent about the importance of sholving the South China Sea dispute. Both Japan and Australia strongly oppose any behavior that could intensify the tense situation in the region.


Both Guanchazhe and Haiwainet (the latter is the online portal of People’s Daily‘s overseas edition) feature a photo showing the two prime ministers laying wreaths at the cenotaph, but Haiwainet points out the obvious in writing: “The Australian prime minister kneels, Abe crouches.”

ABC (video at the beginning) discusses Japan’s and Australia’s motivation to strengthen military cooperation.

According to reports earlier this year, an Australian dockyard, ASC Pty Ltd, is reportedly set to build nine Hunter class frigates from 2020 (designed in Britain), with the first of them to be operational by 2027. In a report this summer, ABC referred to the project as Australia’s largest peacetime warship building program.



*) as quoted by AP newsagency: “Australia and Japan also stand united on the importance of resolving disputes in the South China Sea, peacefully and in accordance with international law, and we are strongly opposed to any actions that could increase tensions within the region.”


2 Comments to “Abe’s Visit to Darwin: Kneeling PM, Crouching PM”

  1. JR. Morrison is a bloody embarrassment of the first order. His political life consists of a succession of thought bubbles, and he will be tossed out next election which must take place before May 19. In actual fact, he is an undiluted scumbag with a socially regressive agenda. Also ended up as PM by default.

    To another matter. Why are you not using twitter. Foarp has his very own neo-colonial tweet empire, but is mainly concerned with Brexit. Given the mess that Britain is in politically, it’s a wonder there ever was a British empire.

    Im having a whale of a time there – kingtubby1Oz – inflicting my music and views on all and sundry.

    I understand facebook which I wouldn’t go near with two barge poles.
    You can always attach you weblog entries to ….dare I say it…. your tweets.
    Hope to go one step further as I’ve invested in a webcam which I’m playing round with. Anonymity is the only concern.


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  2. Morrison is a bloody embarrassment of the first order.
    I’m not defending politicians (not as a rule, anyway).

    Why are you not using twitter.
    We resolutely oppose Twitter, Wechat, etc.
    We endorse RSS feeds though.


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