Obituary: Ryu Mi-yong, 1921 – 2016

Ryu Mi-yong, chairwoman of the North Korean “Chondoist Chongu Party”, died of lung cancer on Wednesday, November 23, aged 95, according to North Korean newsagency KCNA (no permalink).

Thanks to the profound trust and love of the great leaders she could make a dramatic U turn in her life and enjoyed a worthwhile life after permanently settling in the DPRK together with her husband Choe Tok Sin,

writes KCNA, referring to the couple’s defection from South to North Korea in 1986. Reportedly, they had moved to the United States, or fled there, ten years prior to their defection. Her husband, late Choe Duck-shin (or Choe Deok-sin, or Choi Duk Shin), had been the Park regime’s foreign minister from 1961 to 1963. From 1963 to 1967, he served as South Korea’s Ambassador to West Germany.

And if KCNA portrays her correctly, like many converts, Ryu Mi-yong was tougher than the rest:

She revered Marshal Kim Jong Un as God of the nation and the sun of salvation of the world and the people and worked heart and soul to bring earlier a new day of unity of all Koreans and country’s reunification till the last moments of her life.


The “party” she chaired apparently draws on a Korean religious movement called Cheondoism.

According to Yonhap Newsagency, South Korea’s reunification ministry, on November 19 granted Ryu’s second son a travel permit to the North, for humanitarian reasons, given that his mother had been terminally ill.



“Chondoism, translated into reality”, Pyongyang Times, Sept 29, 2016


5 Responses to “Obituary: Ryu Mi-yong, 1921 – 2016”

  1. Ist das respektlos, wenn man als Raucherin erleichtert ist, dass man auch erst mit 95 an Lungenkrebs sterben kann?
    Grüßle, Diander


  2. Naja, respektlos irgendwie schon, dem nordkoreanischen Arbeiter-, Bauern- und Soldatenparadies gegenüber.

    Man muss schließlich unter der Gnadensonne der Kim-Dynastie blühen, um es mit einem fetten Karzinom bis ins zehnte Lebensjahrzehnt zu schaffen.

    Ein Aspekt, den unpolitische ZeitgenossInnen gerne mal übersehen.


  3. Aaaah, ok, dann ist die periphere arterielle Verschlusskrankheit außerhalb eines Arbeiter-, Bauern- und Soldatenparadieses die Alternative. Im Süden sagt man in solchen Fällen jedenfalls, die Hebamme wäre nicht mehr schuld.


  4. Giovanni di Lorenzos lieber Herr Schmidt? Dem →leuchtete die Gnadensonne Beijings.

    I’m not a fan.



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