From the Parallel Universe: “I don’t know, has it been reported?”

ReVideos are a medium that need to be taken with a grain of salt. But somehow, this one of Intercept reporter Lee Fang trying to get an answer from Hillary Clinton as to how much Lloyd Blankfein had invested in her son-in-law’s hedge fund looks to me like a symbol of Mrs. Clinton’s election campaign. It has all the makings of an icon.

The contact between the campaign trail and the real world comes across as if a space ship was struck by a sudden bit of earth. What Lee inquires about – and what others will hopefully to continue inquiring about, too – isn’t exactly news – it has even been part of the hedge fund’s marketing, according to The Intercept. But the timing of this topic could be fatal for Clinton’s campaign.

If you had to choose between Cinton and Trump, what would you do? I don’t know who I’d vote for, if I were an eligible American citizen. But I do know that I wouldn’t vote for either of the two.

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True danger signs

Having said this, maybe it’s me who’s living in the parallel universe. Money doesn’t bring a campaign down. Emails do.


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Bigger Liabilities than Email, DW, May 27, 2016


2 Comments to “From the Parallel Universe: “I don’t know, has it been reported?””

  1. As a law-abiding, arms-bearing citizen I know who I’d vote for.

    BTW, Hillary Clinton’s ignorant behaviour in the email affair says a lot about her.

    >>The report, released last week, reveals that in January 2011, hackers were attacking her private server. Twice, the Hillary and Bill Clinton staffer responsible for maintaining the server had to shut it off to protect data held by America’s top diplomat and the former president. The staffer notified State Department officials of the attempted hack, and Clinton’s top aides there emailed each other to say that “sensitive” matters should not be discussed with Clinton over email.<<

    They didn't dare to or didn't succeed in persuading her to stick to the rules. Let's hope that someone is going to take good care of that little nuclear suitcase. Someone else.


  2. Let’s hope that someone is going to take good care of that little nuclear suitcase. Someone else.

    Now it’s beginning to dawn on me why Obama calls for a world free of nuclear weapons.

    Cracks aside, this may be a bit too harsh. Who should the “else” be? I think the U.S. have seen eight years of a pretty good presidency, and are going to see four miserable ones. But I have no opinion about the nuclear suitcase, and where it belongs.

    I find it remarkable – though not surprising, how the Goldman-Sachs-Clinton connection is drowning in coverage on her bloody emails. Yes, they do matter, but in terms of proportions, her dependence on Wall Street matter several times as much.

    Look at these tons of fiction: how close Mrs. Traister was to the candidate, and all that what-is-she-really-like stuff.

    Can you imagine that people who can read are actually interested in this nonsense? Thousands of words about nothing!


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