Be very Afraid …

… counter-revolutionary students in public squares!

The PLA is here to kill, kill, kill you with responsibility!

Remember June 4, 1989.


2 Comments to “Be very Afraid …”

  1. Yesterday I had a talk with a Syrian refugee here, student, too. Always in danger, being caught to join the army and to be forced to kill his fellow citizens. That brings back in mind Tucholskys “Soldaten sind Mörder”. Not only students should be very, very, very afraid of military, no matter what nation, where from, national or foreign military, Syria or China.

    Btw, german army advertisement, very similar „Wir sind das Heer“ ^^

    Thx for remembering, Diander


  2. Reblogged this on schna'sel's blog and commented:
    Bitte übersetzen Sie “Apocalypse Now” in Chinesische…


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