Slowing Down

This winter has been nice so far: mild, with very little snow. I’ve read a lot recently, and written less. A WP editor looks like a very demanding dashboard, it seems to demand action.

(I probably wouldn’t write this if I were familiar with Facebook or Twitter.)

Slow down, relax, take it easy

Slow down, relax, take it easy

So I’m reading, and taking notes. Reading about Xi Jinping‘s wonder-weapon Wang Qishan, about China-Iran relations, etc.. And working on my vocabulary. I’ve noticed how, during translation, I found an English equivalent for a Chinese word, only to forget the vocabulary minutes later, while still translating. That’s when less blogging makes more sense.

But obviously, I’ll continue to write blogs – only at a slower pace. As long as there’s no Facebook in my life, what else could I do online?

2 Comments to “Slowing Down”

  1. I quit Facebook a couple of months ago and found it made me more interested in blogging as a means of staying connected — I suppose all media (or writing, really) is in a sense “social,” but I like to think of your blogging as being concerned with society, in addition to being a stimulating and well-documented port of call in its own right.


  2. Hi Adam – read your post about the problems in judging North Korea / sanctions coverage. Can’t comment there (registration required), but wanted to say it’s a very instructive tour through a disinformational landscape. Btw, I almost forgot how colorful Taiwan’s current affairs television coverage tends to be.

    Stuff like this.


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