The Tories and the CCP

Update, Oct 22: a try with a ballpen

Update, Oct 22: a try with a ballpen

Let’s stick together to make Britain China’s best partner in the West.

Gee. I’m not young anymore, and I think I’ve seen a bit of the world, but probably nothing as big as this slime trace. Seems to remind me of the old fairytale: if you can’t throw a frog against the wall anymore, start kissing his ass.

9 Responses to “The Tories and the CCP”

  1. But they remained committed to market liberalisation and should be supported as they continue this journey.



  2. It’s alright to trade with China and engage in cultural exchange programs. After all, isolating China won’t improve its human rights record one bit. Having said that, one thing is engaging with China, another thing is bending over backwards and giving its government everything it wants, while getting little in return. Also, buying into the nonsensical myths about China’s history, culture and system which the Chinese government spreads is not smart.


  3. That is definitely the greasiest statement by a politician I’ve encountered for ages, and it is right up there with Netanyahu’s latest made a few days ago after the spate of stabbing attacks in East Jerusalem.

    Crikey, even the now deposed Tony Abbott, probably the ugliest politician in Australian history, fails to measure up to the above two.

    Okay, I forgot that smirking shit Putin and some of his verbal offerings.


  4. I challenge you to build ten comments in a row – not necessarily all in one day, but all about the evils of politics – that can do without a mention of Netanyahu, KT.


  5. JR. Since you are totally blind to the fact that Netanyahu, like his counterpart Omar Bashir in Sudan, should be hauled before the ICC, I am going to politely ignore your challenge, and return to Xi’s excellent adventure in Tory Land.

    All the pomp and circumstance would not have been possible without China’s total obsession with Downyton Abbey.

    Check out this absolutely gorgeous set of photos from the Belfast Telegraph, and especially the one with the Duck of Edinburgh looking like a diseased vampire.

    What a feast ….horse drawn carriages, liveried flunkies, a bunch of decaying aristocrats in full fig, etc …..for the CCTV types to stitch into a great narrative for home consumption.

    All combined with a highly orchestrated bunch of flag waving tourists and students by the Chinese embassy.

    This is China’s totally inauthentic Gilded Age, empty, vacuous and based upon the semiotic trappings of British feudalism. (Or something like that). This is the real China Dream.

    That said, I had better go check the polo ponies and see that the butler has serviced the wife.


  6. And you just can’t ignore this:

    The sooner Jeremy Corybyn takes the torch to this concept of statecraft the better.


  7. @KT – Corbyn has the small problem of being totally, utterly unelectable. His recent selection of Stalin/Assad/Putin apologist Seumas Milne as his head of strategy being of a piece with all his other decisions.

    @JR – I find the last few days pretty depressing. I support nuclear power but the cost being quoted for the Hinkley point development is far too much. Tying our economic fate to China is a dubious step. The moral cost considerable.


  8. @Foarp. You responded to a throwaway line….and you never know, he could get lucky…….and ignored my point on the tacky royal feudal narrative being gifted by the Cameron govt to CCTV and the Mainland sheep.

    Crikey, I think we should resurrect Margaret Thatcher just for you. Or maybe the Occupy Movement could nationalise your property portfolio.

    Just accept the fact that others have totally different politics than you, and that does not automatically involve embracing polecats like Assad, Putin or Netanyahu.



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