Fatal Selfie Accidents

Yes, taking selfies is a distracting activity. Or rather, it makes you focus on the wrong thing (yourself) at the wrong time (when danger is upon you). That’s true in Russia, in America, and everywhere. So be careful.

How funny for you

How funny for you

But above all: no selfies with the Queen! Never ever!

6 Comments to “Fatal Selfie Accidents”

  1. The old doll QE11 is perfectly correct about selfies. They’re the virus of the 21st century. and I always enjoy news stories about selfie stick accidents.

    OT. Before you guys get into it over the Germany – Greece thing, I strongly suggest that you read parts of Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty. Nothing beats an analysis which shows now capital presently operates within a global capitalist context. Massive income inequalities both within and between nations.

    Aside from that, it is pretty silly of the Greeks to continually borrow to service interest on previous loans.

    Greece into the EU was a geopolitical decision in the first place and lets forget about due diligence. And now the banks and Merkel are dealing with the wash up.


  2. Aside from that, it is pretty silly of the Greeks to continually borrow to service interest on previous loans.

    Absolutely. But that’s how propaganda works: neither a Greek nor a EU majority can even think of a Grexit these days. For one stupid and one kind of understandable reason. The Greeks underestimate their own potential. That’s the stupid reason. The other is that they may distrust their national elites even more than the European ones. That’s understandable, in my view.

    Argentina’s 1990s default could be a model for a Grexit – in theory. In practice, Greece might need stronger institutions to copy that relative success.


  3. I think the fact that at least one large EU country is going to hold a referendum on leaving the EU within the next year or so shows that the ‘propaganda’ you elude to hear is not quite so strong as you think, JR.


  4. You think there’s no mainstream propaganda in Britain, because it’s no EU propaganda?


  5. There’s differing opinion, just as there is in other European countries. I don’t buy the line that just because people in the media agree with an official position this makes the content they output “propaganda”.


  6. No need for us to find common ground, Gil – but I think it’s useful to have some definitions. I mostly subscribe to this one</a-<.


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