How to talk to Pakistan: Xi Jinping’s Speech in Parliament

Wellness for Pakistan’s International “Face”

Pakistan is both an old and a youg country. This warm soil gave birth to shining old civilizations, and in the modern era, it recorded the glorious poetry of national independence and self-reliance. The people of Pakistan are kind-hearted and gallant, self-respecting and and believing in themselves, and they never give up, staunch and unyielding as their national qualities are. During the past sixty years, the government and people of Pakistan have faced complicated domestic and foreign conditions, calmly reacted to all kinds of serious challenges, and have made remarkable achievements on the road of defending the independence and sovereignty of the country, building the country, and developing its economy. Since the beginning of the new century, Pakistan has been in the first line of the international fight against terrorism, has made huge efforts, has made huge sacrifices, and made outstanding contributions for regional and global peace and stability. The Chinese people deeply respect the people of Pakistan.


Emphasizing “Common Struggles”

As early as 2000 years ago, tbe Silk Road established a friendly bridge between our two old civilizations. China’s Han dynasty’s envoy Zhang Qian, the monk Fa Xian of the Eastern Jin dynasty era, and the monk Xuan Zang all once left their footsteps here. Pakistan believes that “credibility and integrity are of better use than wealth”, and China believes that if someone lacks trustworthiness, you can’t know what he may be good for. The concepts of our two countries’ traditional cultures are in accordance with each other. In the recent past, China and Pakistan have suffered imperialist and colonialist aggression and oppression, sympathized with each other, and supported each other. During the 1930s, the great Pakistani poet Iqbal wrote that “as the sleeping people of China was just awakening, the springs of the Himalya mountain were starting to boil”, speaking highly of the struggle of the Chinese people for national independence, its struggle against foreign aggression, and supporting [the Chinese people’s struggle]. With similar historical experiences and a common history of struggles, the peoples of China and Pakistan can easily relate to each other’s feelings.


Only the toughest grass can stand high wind, and people show their moral qualities during times of hardship. We will not forget that Pakistan was one of the first countries that recognized New China, and the first Islamic state that established diplomatic relations with New China. At crucial moments, when New China broke the external blockade, retook its legitimate seat at the United Nations, and explored the issues of reform and opening up, Pakistan always stepped forward and gave us selfless and valuable help. When China suffered natural disaster challenges, Pakistan always provided help. During the big Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Pakistan gave us generous support, mobilized all strategic airfreighters, and took its entire strategic reserves of tents to the disaster area right away. To save space on the flights, medical staff removed the chairs on the planes and set on the floor during the flights. As of today, thousands of Pakistani workers are working with Chinese workers night and day, on projects shouldered by China, from which many touching stories have emerged.


And when Pakistan was in need, China always gave strong backing, too. China firmly supports Pakistan’s efforts for its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. When Pakistan suffered particularly heavy floods in 2010, China in the first place provided help with rescue forces from the air and on the ground, sending the biggest medical force in history, and dispatching, for the first time, convoys and helicopters, thus creating a precedent in China’s foreign rescue support. At the end of 2014, after the terrorist attack incident in Peshawar, China invited injured students from Pakistan, and their family people, to get treatment in China, to let the young minds feel the genuine friendship of the Chinese people.


Following remarks about deepening strategic cooperation and the establishment of a Sino-Pakistani “economic corridor” (中巴经济走廊), Xi turns to public diplomacy, or “people-to-people diplomacy”:

Thirdly, China and Pakistan will be of the same mind, and maintain their friendship from generation to generation. The people are the decisive force behind the promotion of national progress and the development of history, and the support of the peoples of the two nations is the driving force behind our weather-proof friendship and comprehensive cooperation. 2015 is the year of Sino-Pakistani friendly exchanges. We want to have exchanges by friendship cities [友城?], cultural centers, platforms provided by the news media, to carry out festive activities rich in content, form, and shape. We want to continue the mutual exchange of young people, encourage the young of both countries to have more contacts with each other, and more exchange. During the coming five years, China will provide 2000 training places, and help Pakistan to train 1000 Chinese teachers. We welcome Pakistan’s active participation in the China South Asia Cultural Exchange Program, to make Sino-Pakistani friendship enter the hearts of the people yet more deeply.


Disinterring an old Promise

The Chinese nation cherishes peace. For more than two-thousand years, Chinese people have known the truth that “Even if the state is great, if [the commander] loves war, [the state] will certainly be destroyed”. The Chinese people value [the principle of] “What you do not wish yourself,do not do onto others”, and do not identify with the idea that strong countries should be hegemons. To take the road of peaceful development is beneficial for China, for Asia, and for the world, and no power can change China’s belief in peaceful development. China adheres to the principle of non-interference in other countries’ internal political affairs, will not impose its own will on others, and even if more powerful than now, it will never seek hegemony.




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12 Responses to “How to talk to Pakistan: Xi Jinping’s Speech in Parliament”

  1. The first translated para. God, who writes this swill. Deranged, drug addled or some other serious mental affliction.

    I am willing to sell my near and dearest into white slavery if the New Silk Road from Kashkar to Gwadar even comes to fruition. The $ figures quoted by Chinese media are greatly inflated and the whole deal is not exactly a fraternal gift from China to Pakistan. All labour will be undertaken by Chinese construction companies, allegedly so that deadlines can be met.

    Then there is the question of the Baluchistan insurgency which is not going to disappear.

    If anything, it will provide Islamic psychopaths with a direct conduit into Zinjaing.

    It will also provide the above psychopaths with an additional source of revenue, kidnapping and ransoming Chinese construction personnel.

    This is a particularly dangerous neighbourhood and China will come to grief big-time, and hey, that is something, I at least, am looking forward to.

    Oh yes, the above psychopaths will also be incensed by the influx of Chinese prostitutes.


  2. On second thoughts JR, no propaganda dept with the exception of North Korea is capable of such purple prose.

    I think it is time that readers start questioning your translation skills.


  3. KT, I’ve got news for you: most people in Pakistan probably loved that first paragraph – a state guest in years who adulates them like this.

    Besides, the whole first para basically amounts to you are like us, we are like you which is an enhanced variation over “we have a lot in common”.

    This is a particularly dangerous neighbourhood and China will come to grief big-time, and hey, that is something, I at least, am looking forward to.

    Don’t worry, and don’t crow. The Chinese state-capitalist investment complex is used to terrible returns. Chairman Mao said: It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill. And I’m getting the feeling that Mr. Personality and Mao are very similar personalities.


    Btw, people who want to question my translation skills would be asked to do better, and I’d notify them of articles I’d like to see translated. Hence no complaints.


  4. >>It will also provide the above psychopaths with an additional source of revenue, kidnapping and ransoming Chinese construction personnel.<<

    Killed by friendly fire:


  5. And again, WordPress: I haven’t said that yet. So shut up and let this “duplicate” pass, will you.


  6. Here’s the fucking link, JR. Built the Image in if you can.


  7. A few words about wordpress “technology” coming soon, but next time.


  8. JR. You should know me by now. I wasn’t questioning your translation skills: simply commenting on the over the top flowery language used in that paragraph.

    While you hurt my feelings, I agree with your remark about Chinese state-capital investment.


  9. I wasn’t questioning your translation skills

    No hurt feelings here. Aaaand yet more flowry language, from the same source, on a different occasion. A very domestic occasion btw, no matter how frequently Xi used the term “international labor day” in his speech.



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