Huanqiu Shibao on Occupy Central: “This Country has Ways and Means”

An article published by Huanqiu Shibao on October 22 went through much of the usual reflections on how Occupy Central was – supposedly – harmful for Hong Kong, but then offers a question that may as well be considered an ultimatum:

Those who, with Western forces at their center, continue to applaud the “Occupy Central” participants, and those exiles who ran away during the early years, may look at “Occupy Central” as a hopeful indication that the fortunes would be turning in their favor. A formation that opposes China’s rise is taking shape. Their goal is to severely wound China, as a prelude to bringing down China. May we ask if this is the intention of the young students who are taking part in “Occupy Central”?


If not, we ask these students to leave early. For the very small minority of those who look at China as a mortal enemy this country has ways and means to deal with them.




» Chorus of Condemnation, Oct 7, 2014
» OC coverage links, Oct 3, 2014



» Anti-China scheming, “Global Times”, Oct 22, 2014


One Comment to “Huanqiu Shibao on Occupy Central: “This Country has Ways and Means””

  1. Oh! Is the CCP going to send their nationalist mob, with roof battens? Holger Börner (r.i.p.), once prime minister of Hesse, did it himself (or so he said).

    Concerning militant opponents of an airport extension, he either said

    These days, I need to take public peace into consideration. Fourty years ago, as a construction worker, I would have finished an attack on myself off with a roof batten”,


    “I regret that my high office forbids me to den Kerlen selbst eins auf die Fresse zu hauen. Back then on construction, we finished such things with the roof batten”,

    or maybe he said both these things.


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