Obituary: Liang Guoju, 1947 – 2014

The website of the Communist Party of China reports the death of Liang Guoju (梁国聚): an outstanding member of the CCP, a long-tested and loyal warrior for Communism, former secretary of the [Guangdong] provincial party committee, and one of the deputy chairpersons of the 9th and 10th provincial political consultative conferences. The central CCP website takes the information from Nanfang Daily (南方日报), the official Guangdong Communist Party newspaper. A database at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University provides some more details about Liang. Information is based on this database if not otherwise stated.

Liang was born October 1947, with Boye County, Hebei Province as his ancestral home. Education (not necessarily re-education) through labor in November 1968 (參加工作).

Liang apparently started his career in 1968, in Panyu, now a district within Guangzhou, at what was the Lianhuashan People’s Commune (莲花山公社) at the time. He worked there as an announcer at the commune’s propaganda station. He became a cadre at Foshan Area Bureau of Public Security (PSB) in 1970, a post he held until 1976. He joined the CCP in August 1973 and became pre-trial and technical investigation department deputy section chief at the same area bureau of public security in 1976. It was during that time that he also studied sociology and law at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, from September 1982 to July 1984, in what can probably be best described as specialized courses for active cadres (Chinese: 幹部專修科學習). After heading a PSB branch office in 1984/85, he became deputy director of the Foshan PSB, plus the unit’s deputy secretary of the party committee. He became the unit’s director and secretary of the party committee in 1991. In July 1998, he became deputy director of the CCP Guangdong department of public security, and deputy chairman of the political consultative conference of Guangdong Province. He had apparently become Guangdong’s police chief by summer 2000.

Liang apparently rose in the wake of Chen Shaoji (陈绍基), a Guangdong native in the public security service. Chen’s career came to a sudden end in 2009, amidst allegations of severely violating party discipline, while Liang remained Guangdong political consultative conference deputy chairman until January 2011, when he stepped down, having reached the age limit, according to Baike Baidu.

Liang Guoju died in Guangzhou, on June 7, aged 67.

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    Put your money on The Netherlands,.


  2. Naaa, I’m boycotting the coverage, in fact. Which earned me a thread unheard of in the WordPress world, plus an unheard of number of tweets (half a dozen or so) – and I don’t even have a Twitter account myself.

    So, no worries about my routines. JR’s world still looks the same as a week ago. It won’t even change if the German team reaches the finals.


  3. Put said comments through the translator and was shocked.

    Consequently, I,ve dispatched a dozen or so of my more muscular servants to provide you and yours with a 24/7 protection detail. They can sleep in the barn with the cats and have been given strict instructions not to raid your fridge.

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    Furthermore, and in my defence, since I refuse to buy an outdoor antennae, I only pick up an occasional game anyway.

    It goes without saying that FIFA is monumentally corrupt and the “model” they impose on successful bidding nations should be rejected root and branch.


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  6. Have you thought about approaching FIFA to host the World Cup there?

    I know. This place would qualify for being totally unsuited. But I’d rather not approach them.


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