The only Answer to Bad Journalism: bad Journalism

Voice of America QSL, 1986

Going, going, gone? Voice of America QSL, 1986

Russia has returned to its old Pravda-like disinformation tactics, which is why we absolutely have to do the same thing China and the Arab nations are creating sophisticated new broadcasts, and Twitter and social networks are changing the game.

Walter Isaacson, a former Board of Governors Chairman, suggesting that the Voice of America (VoA) should follow a “double mission” to clearly present American policy as well as provide objective news. Quoted by the New York Times.

3 Responses to “The only Answer to Bad Journalism: bad Journalism”

  1. VOA, well, I haven’t listened to it in more than a decade, not since the days back when internet access wasn’t so easily available and you couldn’t get internet via radio, and when I might not be able to pick up the World Service but got VOA instead. The most I could say for it then was at least they announce their editorials, but otherwise, yes, its obvious propaganda.

    One has to ask, who is its target-audience now? We no longer live in the world of the 1980’s when dissidents in oppressive states might have tuned in to find out what was going on in the world. We no longer live in the world when travelers might have tuned in for a taste of home, so who exactly is it there for?


  2. Take China as an example. With all the high-minded slogans about half of China being regularly online, it would seem that half of China is not. If you only want to reach “opinion leaders”, the “web 2.0” approach may be alright. But this also means that you’d discard most of the countryside and most sites of cheap labor.

    The shortwave listener may be out of (our) sight, but that doesn’t mean that he’s no longer there. Besides, you’ll never know where the “elites” will recruit from, especially not in China where there are some opportunities for talents of small income to get promoted.



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