The Year’s most beautiful Season

Rainy night

Rainy night

This is the year’s most beautiful season. Hence, I’m blogging slowly at the moment.

This has also been the most rainy springtime we’ve seen in four years. People on more fertile ground may hate the rain, but in places like these, it comes as a blessing, and seeps away quickly enough.

The world isn’t only getting green, it is even growing.

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2 Comments to “The Year’s most beautiful Season”

  1. In a very similar situation here, JR. After a good month of rain, the country side is absolutely verdant, irridescent green. Trees in the tubbyland republic are growing at a ferocious rate as are various invasive weeds (which I suspect all come from Europe).

    It is the perfect opportunity to plant new flowering shrubs and native trees, not to mention all the beastly grass cutting. Rather than cogitating over the death of Richard Burgins blog, this has also provided an opportunity to visit all the local national parks which contain remnant rain forest with trees of truly gigantic proportions. Not to forget drives to small inland towns where we were able to study rural idiocy at very close quarters.

    Oh yes. Another reason to avoid one’s blogging duties. The world might be entering a dire phase of uncertainty, etc, but this should not obscure the fact that there is an absolute abundance of good reading available, particularly in non-fictional scholarship and history. There are just so many great books that have to be read. (And no, books on China don’t even enter the picture. More to the point, serious scholarship on China is pretty well non-existent. )

    Two random suggestions:
    Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder
    The Wave by Susan Casey


  2. Rumors, KT, rumors. No blog is dead, and if scholarship on China is going down, so is scholarship on the West and on pretty much any topic – after all, ppl need to be able to read and write before they can do some research. Some math would also help to improve the state of the globe. 🙂

    Thanks for the reading suggestions, but I’m reading the Charlatan story by Pope Brock at the moment, and that will keep me busy for a while.

    Nice stuff, thanks for drawing my attention to it. Still a few hours of duty ahead, before I can head for the garden.



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