No Comment, if Facebook is Required

Dear Bloggers,

or those of you who would like to read foreign comments under their posts:

it’s not that I wouldn’t want to comment on your blogs. But if a facebook profile is required, or if I have to register with some “discuss” software, or whatever, it doesn’t seem worth the hassle. There are bloggers who are not active on facebook, and I’m one of them.

Just make sure that a name and a url (or a mailbox) will be all that is required to leave a comment.

This hunter probably spends most of his days in an office

This hunter probably spends most of his days in an office

3 Comments to “No Comment, if Facebook is Required”

  1. FB and all that other digital blather. Couldn’t agree more and on top of that, there are still some who value their privacy.
    God. I hate I phones.

    What on earth is that JR? A hunters blind. Your nine to five office. Your boys-me-space away from domestic bliss. Cubby house for your many children.

    Whatever. I want one.

    And yes, the Columbian concert was totally tremendous.


  2. Just to avoid the spreading of rumors, I’m not a hunter and neither the blind nor the office chair inside are mine.

    Glad to hear that the concert was a real experience. Have a good weekend!


  3. 100% agree, particularly with “Disqus” (another massacred word on the altar of corporate uniqueness). Would rather not have all my comments aggregated with one click.


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