Shortwave Log, Northern Germany, November 2013 (1)

It wouldn’t make much sense to write about the months of September and October, as many shortwave schedules have changed on October 27, with the beginning of the winter season. But local (domestic) or regional (foreign) radio stations with a probably unintended trans-continental reach usually keep their frequencies unchanged, especially in the tropical bands. Hence, here is a handful of stations that have recently been clearly audible here, near Bremen, and who don’t seem to care much about broadcasting seasons.

International Telecommunication Union letter codes used in the table underneath:
ARG – Argentina; CUB – Cuba; IRL – Ireland; TIB – Tibet.

Languages (“L.”):
E – English; S – Spanish.







11710 RAE
Buenos Aires
ARG E 02:00 03:00 4 5 4
 4765 Radio
CUB S 00:30 04:00 3 4 3
5025 Radio
CUB S 00:30 04:00 4 4 4
 6000 RHC Habana CUB E 01:00 05:00 5 5 5
5505 Shannon
IRL E 00:00? 24:00? 5 5 5
4905 PBS Tibet TIB E 16:00 17:00 4 4 4

PBS Tibet’s English programs (also known as “Holy Tibet”) announces a mailbox which doesn’t appear to work or which may be full. The same seems to be true for an address offered for reception reports to Cuba’s Radio Progreso.



» Previous log, August/September 2013


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