Recent televised Confessions in China

The BBC has a report about this televised confession of Chen Yongzhou and three previous similar events.

Should I believe the statements on tv?



» Under Arrest in Changsha, Oct 23, 2013


3 Comments to “Recent televised Confessions in China”

  1. Caught the same report.

    It is 50:50 whether Chen tried to shakedown Zoomlion, such reportage being a minor industry in China.

    It is another thing altogether parading his confession on TV in line with the (the new/old) Xi admin narrative.

    They could have shown a bit of historical respect though by decking Chen out in a dunces hat and necklace of table tennis balls.


  2. Yep – negative publicity or propaganda – 负面报道 or 负面宣传. I suppose it’s more than just a minor industry, especially in a country where people love to badmouth others, even for non-profit purposes.

    But I see no constellation under which I could believe that Chen “took money”, just as I see no constellation under which I can simply believe that Gu Kailai had Neil Heywood murdered.


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