Why America needs to act on Syria



» Grand old Duke, Max Hastings / Daily Mail, Aug 29, 2013

3 Responses to “Why America needs to act on Syria”

  1. Max Hastings. Pretty good read to put it mildly. Cameron: obviously a fully paid up supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

    That odious Blair should have been strangled at childbirth and with piano wire.

    And I would also reuse that garrotte on all the mainstream politicians here in Oz, who just love Middle Eastern military adventures with other peoples lives.

    No doubt you read about our recent shambles on an election last weekend.

    Anyway, I’m no responsible for the shambles in the Senate here, since I gave my tick to the Pirate Party.

    Yours sincerely and totally disappointed in the western democratic process.



  2. Just one look at the face of your new prime minister, and I could say a handful of quite nasty things, but then, I’m always adhering to a policy of non-interference, am I not?

    Probably going to vote for the Pirates, too, in Germany’s federal elections on September 22. Which isn’t an easy thing for me to do – I’d vote for the Social Dems as usual if this summer hadn’t seen another lot of global scandals (of which the traditional parties don’t seem to care).

    Btw, whatever you might say about people like Tony Abott – they have one big plus: no Granny can make excuses after voting for his party/coalition and then say that she thought he was a good guy.

    The problem with Angela Merkel (German chancellor) is that she looks as if ice wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But she stands for pretty much the same kind of policies.



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