Shortwave Log, Northern Germany, May / June 2013

When the Greek government suspended ERT broadcasts, the shortwave frequencies were an exception. The Voice of Greece kept broadcasting there. As I don’t understand Greek, I can’t tell if the programs were live, or from the archives, i. e. produced prior to closing ERT down.

"Music contest between Apollo and Marsyas", Voice of Greece QSL card, 1985.

“Music contest between Apollo and Marsyas”, Voice of Greece QSL card, 1985.

There may be different possible ways to explain why the shortwave broadcasts up – to me, the most likely one would be that shortwave frequencies are obtained in international negotiations in the framework of the International Telecommunications Union, and given that shortwave frequencies are considered a scarce resource (even though much less scarce today, probably, than during the Cold War), a country may need to use such frequencies with international reach in order to keep them, and not losing them to other interested countries. The same mechanism is at work within countries regulatory processes, as described with Kenya as a case in the news, in 2012.

My log list for May and June is short – it’s the outdoor season.


Recent Logs

International Telecommunication Union letter codes used in the table underneath:
AUS – Australia; ARG – Argentina, CVA – Vatican;  CUB – Cuba; RRW – Rwanda.

Languages (“L.”):
C – Chinese; E – English; G – German; I – Italian.







12045 Deutsche
Welle Kigali
RRW E May 5 04:20 5 5 5
21640 IRIB Tehran IRN E May 5 10:27 5 4 4
 4835 ABC
Alice Springs
AUS E June 3 19:51 4 3 3
17590 Vatican
 I I June 4 12:00 5 5 5
15345 RAE
Buenos Aires
ARG G June 10 21:00 4 5 4
11710 RAE
Buenos Aires
ARG C June 12 04:37 2 2 2
15345 RAE
Buenos Aires
ARG C June 12 10:35 3 3 3
 6000 RHC Habana
CUB E June 24 03:00 4 4 3



1) Recording »here.
2) Recording »here. Details about Chinese service »here.



» Previous Log, April 2013, May 4, 2013


3 Responses to “Shortwave Log, Northern Germany, May / June 2013”

  1. Great background, JR. As a small time monarch with my own Absolutist State, what’s the prospects of getting my own international frequency? Will shortly submit my own plan as a shortwave education provider.


  2. KT, you aren’t even listening to shortwave! Before you have the slightest chance of getting a shortwave frequency of your own, you’ll need to become a radio amateur. I’m sure there are rules in Australia. It isn’t Italy where you can launch a time signal station without permission from the relevant authorities.



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