May 27, ten years of WordPress

Established media companies have made concessions to blogging in terms of language, writing more casually and personally then even ten years ago. At the same time, the best tech blogs have matured in terms of language, found sources of their own, and have become visibly more secure in making inquiries. WordPress provided them with the opportunity of turning the media landscape inside out forever. Ordinary people, all of a sudden, were in a position to make media, and they did that by the thousands.

Die etablierten Medienhäuser sind Blogs sprachlich entgegen gekommen, schreiben heute lockerer und persönlicher als noch vor zehn Jahren. Zeitgleich sind die besten Techblogs sprachlich gereift, haben eigene Quellen aufgetan und sind bei der Recherche deutlich sicherer geworden. WordPress hat ihnen die Möglichkeit gegeben, die Medienlandschaft für immer umzukrempeln. Einfache Leute konnten plötzlich Medien machen, und sie taten es, zu Tausenden.

Jürgen Vielmeier, a blogger from Bonn, reminding his readers of the first WordPress release, ten years ago.

3 Comments to “May 27, ten years of WordPress”

  1. No comments?????

    The above is an understatement.

    I would gladly sacrifice some wordpress apps for a continuous tape loop of selected music to be played while the reader is on the page. Enable me to get rid of my reliance on youtube, which is being destroyed by beastly advertising and which totally kills the ambience I’m attempting to create.

    Oh I forgot. I don’t run a mature site.

    JR. What program do you use for sound files?

    That said. WordPress is up there with the invention of the car, the hot shower and the LP.


  2. I’m posting my soundfiles on Your continuous loop would be limited to 120 minutes, though – that’s the maximum capacity soundcloud will allow per user.

    Yes, Mr. Vielmeier apparently avoided a too celebratory mood, but there’s a lot of truth in his understatement, too, methinks. What I’d still like to see in the years to come is some competition in the search-engine industry. There’s a dependence on Google which I dislike – I’m using once in a while, too -, but so far, there seems to be no match to Google. Do you know one?


  3. Wish there was an alternative JR, but there isn’t at the moment,and especially if one likes reading newspapers online.

    However, as a lot of online outlets are now trying to recoup their investments, I’m getting really nettled by advertising.

    You won’t see Asian romance ads on my site: maybe a yearly calendar sale of my favourite Japanese surfer girls, but that’s not really advertising. That’s a public service.

    Reddits/tumbla and the rest. What a lot of trivial rubbish.

    Was going to upgrade my theme to wordpress twenty twenty – opened the new site – but am terrified by the loss of posts as I move everything over.

    I remain optimistic though and think blog platforms still have their best years in front of them. It’s still about content and not about a ton of flash apps jumping all over the page.

    If I was to describe your site in religious terms, the word would be Calvinistic, while nine belongs to the US Pentecostalist (sic ) variety.


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