Guangzhou Deputy PSB Chief reportedly Commits Suicide

Guangzhou Public Security Bureau (PSB) deputy director Qi Xiaolin (祁晓林) committed suicide by hanging himself on Tuesday, reports China News Service (中国新闻网, via Huanqiu Shibao). He is believed to have suffered from depression.

Qi, aged 55 (or 54, depending on how his living years are counted) was also deputy secretary of the Guangzhou PSB party committee. The Guangzhou Municipal Government’s official website is quoted as saying that Qi was mainly in charge of the PSB internal security detachment (内部安全保卫支队), the traffic police detachment, the subway (security) department, “etc.”, with Guangzhou PSB Tianhe branch office as his contact address.

Xinhua (in English) puts it somewhat more carefully, saying that the apparent cause of death was suicide.

3 Responses to “Guangzhou Deputy PSB Chief reportedly Commits Suicide”

  1. Yikes! Missed this one. Grim, but thanks for reporting it.


  2. That’s the nice thing about translating. Once you’ve translated something beyond the English-language coverage, you’ll have “reported it”. 😉

    Re SCMP, they’ve apparently gone back to publishing more articles online than in the past, and they are certainly a quality paper. I haven’t subscribed so far, and prefer the Economist. As far as the SCMP angle is concerned, it looks like a “must” to me for people without immediate access to original Chinese-language articles.

    That much for now. Will have more time for this blog again tonight, fortunately.



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