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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ample Care for the Frontline Talents

News and Press Summary, China National Radio*) Online, December 3, 2012 —

Main Link: Organizational Department hands down notice …

According to The Sounds of China‘s news and press summary, the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee has recently handed down a notice, requiring personnel departments on all organizational levels to take effective measures, to conscientiously do the work of health care among special frontline talents in important industries and key positions, to amply embody the party’s and the government’s care to the numerous talents, and to implement the spirit of Secretary General Xi Jinping’s important comments.

中广网北京12月3日消息 据中国之声《新闻和报纸摘要》报道,为充分体现党和政府对广大人才的关心爱护,贯彻落实习近平总书记的重要批示精神,中组部近日下发通知,要求各级组织人事部门采取得力措施,认真做好重要行业和关键领域特殊一线岗位人才医疗保健工作。

The notice points out that the frontline talents who were fighting bravely in the defense technology industries, high-technology and new-technology industries which were related to our country’s national security and the lifeline of the national economy, were shouldering major responsibilities and facing huge pressures. Their health involved the development of the party’s and the country’s cause. Personnel departments on all levels needed to solve problems in the field of medical services, to provide them with good medical and health-care conditions, and to guarantee these valuable human resources’ health of body and mind.


(Central People’s Broadcasting Station*) has launched a news hotline, 4008000088. By dialling this hotline, you can give feedback on the first stage of news you get aware of. We will send a reporter to the scene of the news, to investigate the issue, to report the facts, and to reveal the true situation.)




*) Central People’s Broadcasting Station or CPBS was the English name originally used for China’s nationwide domestic broadcaster, but was changed to “China National Radio” (CNR). But that change of name only applied for the station’s English, not for its Chinese name, which has been 中央人民广播电台 since 1949 (if not since 1940). “Central People’s Broadcasting Station” reflects the station’s Chinese name; “CNR” doesn’t.


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