Chen Kegui sentenced to three years, three month in jail

Chen Kegui (陈克贵), nephew of Chen Guangcheng, has been sentenced to three years and three months in jail, “for assaulting officials”, reports the Guardian.

After Chen Guangcheng’s succesful getaway from his home (and house arrest) in Dongshigu village, Shandong Province, in April this year, local officials and public security people burst into the home of Chen Guangcheng’s older brother Chen Guangfu (陳光福), whose son (Chen Guangcheng’s newphew) Chen Kegui held a kitchen knife in self defense, Radio Taiwan International (RTI) describes the case. Three people got injured.

Yinan County Court (沂南縣法院) found Chen Kegui guilty of what – according to RTI’s wording – would seem to amount to “intentional murder” or “intentional manslaughter” (故意杀人), and jailed him for three years and three months.

If that was the verdict, and if this article by Human Rights Watch (HRW) of October 15 this year was correct, hopes that the police accusation (“intentional manslaughter”) would turn into “intentional infliction of injury” at the state prosecutor’s office apparently didn’t materialize.

Chen Kegui’s jail sentence doesn’t quite reach that of Hu Jia, who – in an unrelated case – was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in 2008, after three months in detention while awaiting trial. In Hu’s case, the charges were about “subversion of state power”. What spelled factors for Hu not to get the maximum sentence of five years appears to be unknown.

Chen Kegui’s detention while awaiting trial (his whereabouts at the time appear to have been unknown) amounted to about seven months.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland criticized the proceedings for lacks of basic due process guarantees. Among other issues, Chen Kegui wasn’t

fully represented by legal counsel of his choosing. He didn’t have an opportunity to present his own defense. So this was a deeply flawed legal process.

Indeed, according to German daily Die Welt, (quoting news agencies), Chen Kegui’s defenders were appointed by the state.



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