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Saturday, December 1, 2012

World AIDS Day in the Great Socialist Family

Chinese party chairman Xi Jinping (习近平) visited a health service center in Beijing on Friday.

Xinhua newsagency / via Enorth (Tianjin), December 1 –

On the eve of the 25th World AIDS Day, on Friday morning, CCP secretary general and Central Military Commission Chairman visited the Shiliuyuan branch of Fengtai District Puhuangyu community health service center, Beijing community methadone maintenance treatment program outpatient clinic no. 7, to see AIDS patients, to take part in AIDS prevention volunteer training and discussions. Xi Jinping emphasized that AIDS itself wasn’t terrible, but ignorance and prejudice about AIDS, and discrimination against those who suffered from AIDS.  People infected with AIDS and patients were our brothers and sisters, and all of society should brighten their lives with love.

第25个世界艾滋病日即将到来之际,中共中央总书记、中央军委主席习近平30日上午来到设在北京市丰台区蒲黄榆社区卫生服务中心石榴园分中心的北京市社区 药物维持治疗第七门诊部,看望艾滋病患者,参加艾滋病防治志愿者培训交流活动。习近平强调,艾滋病本身并不可怕,可怕的是对艾滋病的无知和偏见,以及对艾 滋病患者的歧视。艾滋病感染者和病人都是我们的兄弟姐妹,全社会都要用爱心照亮他们的生活。

At about half past nine, Xi Jinping entered outpatient clinic no. 7, and the volunteers pinned a red label, the symbol of love and care, to his jacket. Zhang Zhijun, in charge of the community health service center, explained the clinic’s methadone maintenance program for high-risk-behavior*) groups. Xi Jinping said the maintenance work was effective in curbing the spread of AIDS. One needed to show understanding for their psychology when seeking ways and measures, to protect privacy, dispel anxieties, to actively cooperate and maintain treatment.

上午9时30分许,习近平走进第七门诊部。一进门厅,志愿者就为他佩戴上象征爱心的红丝带。社区卫生服务中心负责人张志军介绍了门诊部对高危行为人群开展 药物维持治疗的情况。习近平表示,对高危人群开展药物维持治疗,是遏制艾滋病传播的有效途径,要注意体谅他们的心理,讲究方式方法,保护个人隐私,让他们 打消顾虑,积极配合和坚持治疗。

The Xinhua article focuses on Xi’s talks with patients and volunteers, and shakehands with patients (as a nonverbal demonstration that this spells no danger of infection). “Handshake games” are part of the center’s educational program.

[…] Xi Jinping pointed out that to be infected with AIDS is unfortunate, in the great socialist family, the party, the government and society in its entirety showed concern for infected people and for patients. Science and technology were very developed, and scientific medication, many patients had reason to hope for recovery.

[…..]  习近平指出,感染上艾滋病是不幸的,但在社会主义大家庭里,党和政府、全社会都在关心艾滋病感染者和病人。现在科学技术很发达,通过科学用药,很多病 人都是有希望康复的。


Before the end of the activity, Xi Jinping made an important speech. He pointed out that AIDS was a common challenge for humanity. Ever since the first detected cases of AIDS in China, in 1985, the party and the government had always attached great importance to the prevention and treatment of AIDS, had taken a series of effective measures, with remarkable achievements. But the situation remained grim, there was still a lot of discrimination in society, and a lot of work remained to be done.

活动结束前,习近平发表了重要讲话。他指出,艾滋病是人类面临的共同挑战。自1985年我国发现第一例艾滋病病人以来,党和政府一直高度重视艾滋病防治工 作,采取了一系列有力措施,取得了显著成效。同时,我们也要看到,我国防治艾滋病面临的形势仍然严峻,社会上对艾滋病感染者和病人的歧视现象还比较突出, 防治艾滋病还有大量工作要做。

The article ends with Xi remarks about conscientious AIDS containment and prevention work as spelled out in the 12th five-year plan.

[…] Let every AIDS-infected person and every patient feel the care of the party and the government, and the warmth from society.

[…..] 要让每一个艾滋病感染者和病人都能感受到党和政府的关怀、感受到社会的温暖。

Politbureau member and Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee director Wang Huning, politbureau member, secretary of the CCP Central Committee Secretariat, and director of the Central Committee General Office Li Zhanshu, politbureau member and Beijing municipal party secretary Guo Jinlong and others participated in the activities together.


Press coverage does not suggest that recent history was treated correctly in Xi’s remarks on Friday. The first detected cases in 1985 were anything but a story of “attaching great importance” or “taking a series of effective measures”. Xi’s historical misrepresentations were too gross to be carried by China Daily, but apprently deemed good enough for the Chinese-language press.

Vice chief state councillor and politbureau member No. Two,  Li Keqiang (李克强), met with AIDS campaigners or representatives on Monday and called for more non-government efforts to fight AIDS. Probably, nothing unseemly was uttered by his interlocutors on that occasion, but according to AFP, campaigners were scathing in response, pointing to Li’s role in oppressing AIDS activists in Henan in 2001.

NGOs in Beijing had a hard time with the authorities, too. But in August this year, Beijing Love Source, an AIDS support group founded by Hu Jia and managed by Zeng Jinyan, was informed that the tax authorities saw no tax illegalities in its operations.

The authorities had certainly taken their time. Beijing Loving Source had been “under investigation” since November 2010, or earlier. And usually, you wouldn’t expect these kinds of procedures to end with an exoneration.

Has the party decided to let NGOs “reach” people (who wouldn’t trust state organizations) through NGOs, even if operated by otherwise shitlisted activists? Time will show.



*) “High-risk behavior groups” (高危行为人群) became a more politically-correct those who are mostly vulnerable to the infection in China Daily’s version.



Methadone treatment for migrants, China Daily, June 23, 2010


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