Blog Review: Bumblers, Scumbags, KMT Goon Sympathizer Types

Dr. Sun, we are in the international news again!

Dr. Sun, we are in the international news again!

Gave this the re-tweet, but aren’t you jumping a bit too far in the other direction (as in “how dare those Taiwanese respond)?

Foarp, Nov 20, 2012, liking a post about how the KMT responded to an Economist article (“Ma the Bumbler”).

Don’t know what you’re on about mate. They can respond how they like and I can point out is hysterical bleating! I gather from what I’ve seen of your blog that you’re one of those KMT goon sympathiser types anyway. Strange as you seem to have no time for their equivalent scumbags over the water …

fromthenightmarket, Nov 20, 2012, disliking Foarp’s comment.

SCMP now reports Ma Administration has changed its mind, won’t lodge protest over Ma the Bumbler. First he was gonna do it, now he’s backed off?

The View from Taiwan, Nov 20, 2012

“There has absolutely never been any such instruction” from the president, [spokesman] Fan Chiang said. […] Fan Chiang, however, said that immediately after The Economist had published the article, the Office of the President issued a statement acknowledging the island faced economic and other domestic challenges.

SCMP, Nov 20, 2012

Okay, let us end the silly name-calling and focus on what needs to be done to prevent further erosion of the economy.

Taipei Times, November 21, 2012



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5 Comments to “Blog Review: Bumblers, Scumbags, KMT Goon Sympathizer Types”

  1. Foarp being KMT goon sympathizer? The joke of the day. Guess we got another pretentious Taiwan blogger wannabe littering on the web… every year they pop up only to disappear after few months.


  2. To be honest, I’m not sure if Foarp and fromthenightmarket were both kidding – and spoofing the kind of bloggers you are referring to -, or if they were serious. It’s almost too close to the stereotypes to be true 😉


  3. Well, my opinion of that blogger was formed after reading few of his other posts. Perhaps Foarp is kidding, but the other one certainly doesn’t seem so. If he really is, then it’s not my kind of humor. Imagine, if every of my blog posts was dedicated to a filthy spot in the UK and if I’d used vulgar language mixed with cynicism and a feeling of superiority, would that make me look good? Probably not to most people. Some might find such things funny, some people don’t care, but for me it’s simply a pure waste of time and a degradation of the blogging medium. But then again, he has the right to write and criticize whatever he wants, so have I.


  4. Never looked beyond that one post and thread – the poor guy seems to suffer in Taiwan (“There’s nothing I like more to eat in Taiwan than fried filth”). All I can say is that I apparently ate something “wrong” in Taiwan once – and two or three times in China (where I stayed much longer). Not sure if the chippies in his native town are better than Taiwanese food, but I doubt it.

    I used to like a blog which has been around for years, and doesn’t save his comments on what he dislikes (in China, in his case) either. His blog actually inspired me to run a blog myself. At the time, his posts amounted to some much-needed iconoclasm. But to be currish is one thing, and to be currish and to be condescending is another. The threads there have basically become a playing field for a disturbed overseas Chinese commenter and a dozen or so of outright racists.

    In the long run, a blog needs a purpose. That – and not losing direction – brings about stuff like this.


  5. Wow, that blog has really degraded, the recent posts and comments are disgusting. I’d rather stop blogging than becoming something like that. My long term goal is to have a comprehensive resource on Taiwan’s/Taipei’s travel and life as well as discussing cultural particularities and unusual or unknown phenomena from a “Western” (or shall I say Slovenian) viewpoint. I know some people become like that, because they feel lonely and frustrated as foreigners, it gets to me sometimes, too. But I don’t want to destroy my blog because of a personal issue, I try to separate both, because when I fail to do so, I step on people’s toes, something I do not intend. But I think we have to separate between occasionally posting personal unfiltered thoughts and systematically and intentionally being offensive. It is interesting, that so many expats in the Sinosphere become bitter over time. Very rarely do I observe, that the opposite would happen.


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