Ma, Hu, Xi: Great Rejuvenation

Can’t tell if “sending telegrams” should be taken literally. Technically, the procedure  should still be feasible.

Xinhua Net, Beijing, November 15, 2012 —

China KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou separately sent telegrams to Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping saying that Hu Jintao had made major contributions to improved cross-strait relations, and congratulating Xi Jinping for his election as CCP secretary general. Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping expressed their thanks in separate replies.

新华网北京11月15日电 中国国民党主席马英九15日分别致电胡锦涛、习近平,表示胡锦涛为改善发展两岸关系作出重大贡献,祝贺习近平当选中共中央总书记。胡锦涛、习近平分别复电表示感谢。

In his reply, Hu Jintao said that in recent years, under the common efforts of both parties, the peaceful development of cross-strait relations achieved a number of imortant positive results. I sincerely hope that our two parties, will persist in strenghthening cooperation, in further consolidating and deepening the situation of peaceful cross-strait relations, for the happiness of the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Xi Jinping said in his reply that the current cross-strait relations were in a good situation of peaceful development. It is my heartfelt hope that our two parties will grasp the historical opportunity, deepen mutual trust, solidify the policies of peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and the economic, cultural and societal foundations, that they will promote the achievement of ever-new results from the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and together create a wonderful future for the Chinese nation.


In his telegrams to Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping, Ma Ying-jeou said that during the past ten years, the two parties had adhered to the “92 Consensus”, maintained the basic stability across the Taiwan Strait, and the Taiwan Strait had achieved the greatest peace and stability during the past sixty years. As these parties forge ahead, I hope our parties, on a good foundation, will continue to bring about broadened and deepened exchanges and common institutions to mutual significant results. When looking to the future, with the great cause of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the rise, there is particularly strengthened mutual trust, sincere cooperation, for the benefit of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

马英九在致胡锦涛、习近平的来电中表示,过去10年来,贵我两党坚持“九二共识”, 维持了台海基本稳定,台海地区达到60年来最和平稳定的状态。值此贵党继往开来之际,期待贵我两党在既有良好基础上,继续促成两岸双方在扩大、深化交流及 互设机构等重大事务上获致更显著的成果。展望未来,中华民族复兴大业方兴未艾,两岸之间有待强化互信、真诚合作,造福两岸人民。

On the same day, the China KMT honorary chairmen Lien Chan and Wu Poh-hsiung also separatelz sent telegrams to Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping. Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping separately replied to express their thanks.




» Hardtalk in 2006, June 20, 2008


6 Responses to “Ma, Hu, Xi: Great Rejuvenation”

  1. A very harmonious exchange between… (I am not able to finish this sentence without controversy).


  2. Weak!! This translation was made to invite controversy!

    Cracks aside, I have some strong reservations about the wordings president Ma chose – especially re the great cause of rejuvenating the Chinese nation is in the ascendant. But then, nobody who voted for Ma Ying-jeou can tell me that he didn’t expect him to tick this way. Ma never made a secret of feeling himself “both” Chinese and Taiwanese – not even in 2006.

    (Just between me and you: I’d have voted for Tsai Ying-wen.)


  3. Yes, you are right about the obviousness of Ma’s pan-Chinese identity. I’m always somewhat surprised, when certain green Taiwan bloggers try to decipher some of Ma’s statements and come to that conclusion. I ask myself: Wasn’t that already obvious for a long time? It observed that recently, when he met Franz Joseph Jung and talked about the German model. So many bloggers and Twitter pundits pointed the finger at the fact, that he wanted to reunite (they would say annex) Taiwan with (to) China. I showed my wife the text you translated and asked her what she things. She said: “Ah, everybody knows he wants to be reunited with China.” Ma’s ideology is a not a shocker to anyone in Taiwan, so I think lots of expats waste time writing about that, especially by not adding anything new, but merely reaffirming, that it exists. Taiwanese are much more concerned with the economy, rising prices and declining wages and I would say 99% of them don’t care, what foreign bloggers write about their president, even if they would agree with the written. There are two parallel universes here and because I have more Taiwanese friends than foreign, this helps me to put things into perspective and not waste my free time (or blogging space) about obsessing over Ma and KMT. What I’m missing is a moderation of opinions about Ma and the whole issue between China and Taiwan. Lots of English speaking Taiwan bloggers try to portray a very black and white image, but if you ask me, everything is in nuances. Perhaps they know the nuances, but they don’t want to be balanced, because they have strong feelings for a certain conviction.

    (Just between me and you: I was also rooting for Tsai)


  4. ‘致电’ is also used to mean making a telephone call these days – although that also seems an interesting scenario. Does he have their personal phone numbers? I guess it’s possible, but from ‘separate replies’ I suspect each person left a message for the other.



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