Meet Mr. Chi Dschinping

Xi Jinping, 59, ausgesprochen Chi Dschinping, ist Parteichef und wird im März Staatspräsident. Li Keqiang, 57, ausgesprochen Li Ketjiang, ist Nummer zwei in der Partei.

Der Spiegel, Nov 11, 2012

2 Comments to “Meet Mr. Chi Dschinping”

  1. WTF, Chinese Phonetics made by der Spiegel. This pronounciatian guide is based on the theory of Andreas Lorenz a.k.a “Illiterate Dragon Slayer”. That guy is the last person on earth who should be teaching Chinese. I don’t know if he made any progress but a few years ago his Chinese was “under all pig”. And he argued that it is not necessary for his job to speak decent Chinese. LOL!!1! Li Ketjiang will be amused.


  2. Lessing would have written Hsi Djinping; for Wilhelm (or an earlier Lessing) it would have been Si Gin-ping. Not to mention Stange, or Unger.


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