“Online Publicity Work”: State Information Office prepares for CCP’s 18th National Congress

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Enorth (Tianjin) / Xinhua, Oct 25, 2012 —

The State Internet Information Office held a meeting of all provincial, regional and municipal internet information office directors, all responsibles from the relevant departments and main internet news websites in Beijing on October 24, to further mobilize to deploy the party’s 18th National Congress propaganda management work online.


The vice minister of propaganda, the Central Committee’s external propaganda office director and the State Internet Information Office’s director spoke at the meeting, demanded that departments in charge of regional internet management should make all efforts to make meticulous arrangements, to do the work of the party’s 18th National Congress propaganda online, to create a good public-opinion atmosphere, and to start a surge in propaganda online.


The meeting pointed out that the party’s 18th National Congress was very important, as it was to be held at a key time for creating a moderately prosperous society and deepening reform, at the focus of the country’s expectations and of global attention. It is of great significance that the strengths and characteristics of the internet should be brought into full play, to propagandize the full process of coverage on the grand occasion of the party’s 18th National Congress, the internet needed to be managed in accordance with the law and regulations, to create a good public-opinion atmosphere online for the 18th National Congress, to further inspire, to boost the morale, to achieve unity in thinking, to build consensus, to make the broad cadres and masses thoughts and action unitedly learn and implement the spirit of the 18th Natonal Congress, to make them uniteldly and unswervingly stick to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The meeting emphasized that news websites and commercial websites needed to further strengthen the sense of responsibility and, under the guidance of the important Deng Xiaoping theories and the “Three Represents”, deepen and implement the concept of scientific development, solidly grasp the correct direction, uphold the encouragement of unity and stability, reform and innovation, the Three Closenesses, to make great efforts to do the work of managing online propaganda about the 18th National Congress, and to implement the responsibilities of local management and websites. Positive propaganda online, coordination between the various kinds of online platforms, by use of all kinds of online methods, timely and accurate coverage on the 18th National Congress, and a surge in propaganda online needed to be put into practice. The focus needed to be on arranging effective guidance of online public opinion, to give full play to microblogs’ and social networks’ active functions, to use internet jargon, types, and data, factual language, to guide public opinion, to react to concerns, to further liberate thoughts online, and to create a strong atmosphere of reform, cohesion, assaults on fortified positions and the coping with difficulties. Internet regulation strengthening needed to be given greet efforts, harmful information be resolutely handled, and a healthy, upward and civilized, regulated internet dissemination order be built, action against political rumors, pornographic and vulgar information etc. be taken, the internet environment be purified, and online information security and website operation security be safeguarded.


The Central Committee’s external propaganda office and those comrades in charge at the State Internet Information Office took part in the meeting, as well as internet information office responsibles from Beijing Municipality and Guangdong Province, People’s Daily Net, Xinhua Net, exchanging information and making speeches. People in charge of internet information content from central and national authorities, from provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government and central-committee news websites also took part in the meeting.




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