The Ministry of Agriculture accounts to the People

Xinhua, via Enorth (Tianjin), October 6, 2012

The Ministry of Agriculture said on Saturday that during the Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese fishery patrol vessels continue to protect the fishing rights at the Diaoyu Islands at the frontline. Since the opening of the fishing season in September in the East China Sea, the fishery patrol troops have patroled this part of the sea area for the second time.


As the Mid-Autumn festival has just passed, and this year’s 17th typhoon “Jelawat” has weakened, fishing crews from Fujian and Zhejiang have, in accordance with their historical customs, continued their work in their traditional fishing grounds. In order to protect the fishing crews’ lives and property, the order of their operations on the seas, and to strengthen the management of fishing resources, our fishery patrol vessels, braving the tide and sky, carried out their routine patrol responsibilities, and in accordance with the law, carried out their sacred duty of protecting the fishing rights.


Five vessels with crew experienced in law enforcement and protection of fishing rights carried this operation out. They forwent the opportunity of staying with their families, without complaints or regrets, they protected the Diaoyu Islands waters, and maintained and controlled the order of fishing operations in these traditional fishing grounds. The formation of vessels, braving the tide and sky, successfully visited three Zhejiang fishing vessels, guided safe processing operations, and also observed many fishing vessels’ operations situation, to actively help vessels in trouble. The fishing crews expressed their welcome and thanks for the patrol crews who overcame adverse weather conditions, complicated maritime conditions and sudden difficulties to maintain the rights of the fishing crews and to provide service. The fishing crews also hoped that the state would continue to intensify its efforts to protect them, to help them to be more at ease during their work at their traditional fishing grounds.


The Chinese fishery administration began the normalization [in the sense of regular operations] of patrols at the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent waters in 2010, all the administration’s employees fulfilled their mission, let nobody down, fulfilled their duties, protected the country’s sovereignty and naval rights, and protected the lives and property of numerous fishing crews.




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