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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lhasa, Revelling in the CCP’s Favor

The following are indirect quotes from a speech held by Lhasa party secretary Qi Zhala (齐扎拉), on October 1.

On October 1 at ten a.m., cadres and masses from all nationalities and walks of life in Lhasa gathered at Potala Palace Square for the flag-raising ceremony, sang the national anthem, and together celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the People’s Republic of China’s foundation.


“On the eve of the victorious holding of the Party’s 18th National Congress which is happily awaited by the entire country, as Tibetan masses of different nationalities and from all walks of life solemnly hold the “flag-raising, national-anthem singing” ceremony, we are fully enthusiastically and together celebrate the great motherland’s 63th birthday, said Lhasa party secretary Qi Zhala.

“在全国喜迎党的十八大胜利召开之际,西藏各族各界群众在布达拉宫广场隆重举行“升国旗、唱国歌”仪式,我们满怀热情共庆伟大祖国63华诞。” 拉萨市委书记齐扎拉在仪式上说。

He said that for more than sixty years, all Tibetan nationalities had revelled in the favor of the Party’s nationalities policies, as they went along the correct path of ethnic regional autonomy, creating a human miracle which surpassed a thousand previous years, within just sixty years, and a flourishing socialist new Tibet stood lofty and firm at the summit of the world. During the past sixty years, Lhasa’s economic development changed rapidly and continuously, the cause of culture thrived, socialist construction comprehensively progressed, people’s lives had greatly improved, biology and environment continuously strengthened, ethnic unity solidified, the social situation and harmony were stable, and these great successes could not be separated from the Party’s correct leadership and the great support by the nationalities from the entire country.


Qi Zhala said that Lhasa would continue to fully play its role as the [Tibetan autonomous Region’s] capital city, vigorously implementing the five big strategies of building of an environmentally-friendly city, a city of cultural prosperity, industrially strong and peaceful livelihood of the people, and with stable law. It would unitedly take the cadres and masses of all the city’s nationalities along, promote leapfrogging development and lasting peace, and present outstanding achievements as a gift to the Party’s 18th National Congress.


Leaders of the Tibetan Autonomous Region’s party commission, government, People’s Congress and Political Consultative Conference, the Tibetan military region, People’s Procurate, Tibetan military police central forces and Lhasa leaders as well as cadres and employees of units directly under the leadership of the autonomous region or Lhasa City, adolescent students, representatives of the masses, i. e. more than one-thousand people combined, attended the flag-raising ceremony.




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