I’m almost a Model Worker, but I’ve been Misunderstood

China Smack won Danwei‘s Model Worker of the Year Award 2012 in the blogs and websites category. That happened in June, and one of the runners-ups – in the current affairs and commentary category – is this blog. I had noticed the link to my blog back then, but never reacted, because I somehow thought that it was only the initial step in the process of choosing blogs.

I’m very grateful for the inclusion of this blog, but have to take issue with the description of its probable cause:

Reportage of insider riffs within the Party, recently peppered with an increasing number of translations. This German blogger describes his attitude towards the CCP as “cold-warlike”.

That’s how misunderstandings happen. What I wrote under “About” is this:

When it comes to politics, this mission statement may help to describe my blogging approach. By semi-official Chinese standards, my attitude towards the Chinese Communist Party would be cold-warlike.

That’s different, isn’t it? I mean, since when are semi-official Chinese standards JR‘s standards? Am I Hu Xijin?

Either way, it’s great to get a mention like this, even if some bloggers still don’t quite understand JR.

Please have a look at the blogs and sources listed there. Three likely choices I’d make myself would be Rectified Name (without commenter sections, unfortunately), Beijing Cream, and Seeing Red in China.

6 Comments to “I’m almost a Model Worker, but I’ve been Misunderstood”

  1. “Am I Hu Xijin?”

    Never seen you both in the same room at the same time, so let’s just say I’m keeping an open mind . . .


  2. When Danwei starts pontificating, I reach for the shotgun. On top of that, it has slimed some connection with the Australian National University.

    Surely, the Chinasmack model has reached its use by date….sort of see it being replaced by Beijing Cream. Danwei identifies Victor Shih who has not posted for almost two years, even if he is a texting fiend on twitter.

    Re reporters. John Garnaut should be up there in lights.

    Re Jeremiah Jenne. No one should seriously consider a site which deletes the comment button. Equally, anybody who trumpets their p/g research before being awarded the actual qualification is a horses a…..

    Must admit to a fondness for Brian Glucrofts photos….Isidorsfugue



  3. I agree that there is too much networking these days, KT, but I wouldn’t discourage anyone from networking. Without it, few people would even get a job, even if they are fairly skilled. To create sort of a level playing field, you can’t ban the practice. Rather, it seems to me that networking becomes a required skill.

    Sure, when I hear comments from Mr Goldkorn on the BBC World Service, I’m getting the impression that the venerable institution is outsourcing to blogs, which isn’t good for them. The right thing to maintain authority as a broadcaster is to have your regional correspondents do their own research.
    (That said, the Beeb is still above Germany’s foreign broadcasting station, and probably any foreign broadcasting station around the globe.)

    As for Chinasmack, there isn’t that one blog or website which says it all. That’s the good thing about feedreaders. I wouldn’t be aware of gems like this ad in the NYT without Chinasmack, for example. But they should switch those stupid mouseover translations off and rather add the Chinese originals in extra paragraphs.

    To remove the commenter section like Rectified Name did is legitimate, but it makes a site less attractive for people like me, too.

    Victor Shih is explicitly counted as a tweeter, and in that capacity, he’s quite active.

    And yes, pictures like this one about metal-cutting in Shenzhen make Isidor’s Fugue special.

    Foarp, you sure know how to make friends and influence people. That stupid comment bears testimony to that.


  4. Thanks JR. As a recent BBC listener I don’t have the background for a critical view of the World Service. Since I have an aversion to Oz politics, the TV functions solely as a dvd player and I refuse to listen to any ABC programs except for the Book Show and Andrew Fords two hour music show every Sat morning. Pretty limiting I know, but old fashioned tree books compensate for everything.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Time to produce my own product.


  5. Time to produce my own product.
    I’m looking forward.

    I demand proof
    There’s been proof since ancient times.


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