Hu Jintao, Mohamed Mursi: Freedom of Thought

For your better information, the guy to the left is Mohamed Mursi, Egypt’s new president. The guy to the right is Hu Jintao, China’s old chairman. Mursi was (or maybe still is) in Beijing to consolidate Egyptian-Chinese strategic relations.

But what do they think of each other?



Beijing Cream offers some ideas.

JR’s idea, too  –

Mursi: Our culture is older than yours, infidel.

Hu: Trip me up again, will you? I’ve dealt with people like you before, and their so-called spiritual leader‘s glasses were no smaller than yours.

One Comment to “Hu Jintao, Mohamed Mursi: Freedom of Thought”

  1. Left one: “He totally copied my tie and suit! Typical Chinese!”
    Right one: “I hope he won’t ask me about the tie and suit. If he dares to do so, I will just smile and change topic.”


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