Alleged Joint Letter: Wen Jiabao subverts Socialist Market Economy

The BBC‘s Chinese website quotes Japan’s Kyodo News Agency as reporting that “conservatives” had written a joint letter to the central committee in July this year, demanding the dismissal of chief state councillor Wen Jiabao. The letter, written by more than 1,600 cadres, scholars et al had accused Wen of subverting the foundations of the socialist market economy. Accusations reportedly leaked to Kyodo and Yomiuri Shimbun suggested that Wen turned a deaf ear to state-owned enterprises’ staff, broke state enterprises up at his own discretion, and favored foreign investment, thus bringing around growing income disparities.

Wen was also accused of pursuing the goal of a multi-party political system – and of having ordered the closure of websites propagandizing Marxism and Maoist thought. This had been a serious violation of the people’s freedom of speech.

The letter had also requested leniency for former Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai.

Among the signatories – again, reportedly and not verified, apparently – were former National Bureau of Statistics director Li Chengrui, and former state council economy, technology, and social development institute’s adviser Ma Bin. According to Yoimuri Shimbun, several Beijing University (Beida) professors were also among the signatories.

Kyodo and Yoimuri Shimbun apparently published their reports on Wednesday.

If such efforts stand any chance of success seems to be an idle question – Wen will retire early next year anyway. Rather than at the man and his top post, this kind of letter – if it actually exists – would be targeted at his and his allies’ supposed agenda. The letter would rather be a bit of applied “inner-party democracy”. A joint letter to the central committee is hardly the way CCP top brass would build alliances, or attack rival factions.



» China Shuts Down Utopia, Guardian, April 6, 2012


3 Responses to “Alleged Joint Letter: Wen Jiabao subverts Socialist Market Economy”

  1. One of the last gasps of what is known as the ‘old left’ in China. Has 0 chance of influencing anything. Their last foray into politics was to shelter a number of left websites (all the left’s print journals and magazines were shut down long ago). All of the sites are now defunct after Bo.


  2. Great big picture stuff JR. Meanwhile I will concentrate on the dirt, and did I get some salacious tidbits in the last 24 hours. This is all about succession and it looks like Bo will be drawn and quartered (quietly) for reasons which also include old leftism.

    Those SOEs which survived the profit test and were not gutted in the 90s are now more firmly entrenched than ever….powerful mini-states within the larger economy to be exact.



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