A Popular History Reader, Implementing the Spirit of Comrade Jiang Zemin’s Instructions

Main Link: Jiang Zemin writes Foreword, Emphasizes Learning from Chinese Naton’s Development History (Xinhua article’s headline)

Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel, October 2009

Vivid learning material for the German chancellor: Xi Jinping spreads Jiang Zemin’s energy and IT-related works during a visit in Berlin, on October 12, 2009. Click picture for source.

Xinhua, July 30, 2012 — To implement the spirit of Comrade Jiang Zemin’s instructions to attach importance to learning Chinese history, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has arranged the publication of a “Concise Chinese History Reader”, written by history scholars and experts, and published recently. Jiang Zemin wrote a foreword for “A Concise Chinese History Reader”, titled “Pay High Attention to Learning the Chinese Nation’s History of Development”. In his foreword, Jiang Zemin pointed out that we need to record our country’s and our nation’s history better, that we must conscientiously summarize and carry on with the successful experience of reform and opening and the building of socialist modernization, and also emphasize and draw on historical experience, scientifically grasp and correctly make use of historical patterns, correctly learn from the experiences of historic dynasties’ rises and falls.

新华网北京7月30日电  为落实江泽民同志关于重视学习中国历史的指示精神,中国社会科学院组织史学界专家学者编写的《简明中国历史读本》近日出版。江泽民为《简明中国历史读本》撰写了题为“高度重视学习中华民族发展史”的序言。江泽民在序言中指出,要使我们的国家、我们的民族发展得更好,我们必须认真总结和发扬改革开放和社会主义现代化建设的成功经验,也必须注重汲取和运用历史经验,科学把握和正确运用历史规律,正确借鉴历代治乱兴衰的经验教训。

Jiang Zemin emphasized that a nation’s history deeply influences its present tense and its future. Today’s China developed from China’s history. Our country’s and nation’s history of development, inluding the deep rationale of safeguarding of peace and stability, also promulgates the historical inevitablity of our country’s road of development. To strive for the successes of reform and opening, and the building of socialist modernization, we must not only understand China’s present tense, but its recent and more distant past. To read more extensively about the Chinese nation’s development history, we can deepen our national feelings, enhance national self-confidence, uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics even more strongly, and achieve the magnificient cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Jiang Zemin points out that to learn the Chinese nation’s history of development is an important way of promoting the spirit of patriotism, and to strengthen national cohesion. Patriotism is the source of the Chinese nation standing united as one, and for a spirit of unremitting efforts for self-improvement. In the long history of Chinese development, all nationalities of our country have achieved brilliant achievements through united struggle. All of our country’s nationalities went through difficult twists and turns, they are all vivid teaching material for patriotism, and they all inspire our strong spiritual force to tirelessly struggle for national development and progress. To build deep love for the motherland and the nation, a reasonable love, it is essential to attach imprtance to learning the Chinese nation’s history of development, and to constantly enrich our knowledge.


Jiang Zemin emphasized that the entire party, but particularly leading cadres must consciously learn history, ensure the importance of cultivating history’s status, to read some history, especially the history of the Chinese nation’s development, learn from experience, mold sentiments, broaden their horizons, use this to solidly establish the correct world view, the correct outlook on life, and values, to strengthen their historic sense of mission and responsibility, to increase their exploration of issues, and their levels of analyzing abilities. In the new situation, we do not only need to learn Chinese history, but world history, too. We must be good at understanding Chinese and foreign historical successes and failures, understand and grasp historic development and societies’ progress patterns from experience and lessons, and understand and grasp the big trends of development in our times. At the same time, we need to explain our history to the world, especially the hardship the Chinese antion suffered in recent history, and its great struggle, to let foreign people understand our country’s history and national situation, to help them to objectively explore and analyze today’s China form a historic perspective.


The “Concise Chinese History Reader” has been compiled by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ history research institute. The book’s train of thought is guided by Marxist materialism, profoundly discusses Chinese history from prehistoric humankind to the origins of civilization, up until the Xinhai Revolution’s outbreak in 1911, and provides popularized Chinese history reading material for the numerous cadres and the masses.


The article is among the top news at Xinhua Net, and was also among the headlines on China National Radio‘s morning news on Tuesday, but not on websites without direct party affiliation.



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