One Year after the Wenzhou Train Crash: an Editorial by People’s Daily

The accident is something we want to forget. If a local government were to plan a ceremony, that would bring shame on the Ministry of Railways. You surely understand that, don’t you?

A senior Wenzhou official talking to Asahi Shimbun, according to the Telegraph.

Meantime, Google search results suggest that visiting the Hong Kong Journalists Association‘s (HKJA) website may harm your computer.

According to the Telegraph, the first anniversary of the crash has been completely blackened out.

But that’s not to say that technology can’t be discussed.

A People’s Daily Review of Chinese Development since the 16th 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China – a Decade of Innovation and Chinese Wisdom (十六大以来中国发展历程述评 – 十年创新 中国智慧), lists achievements in science and technology, citing, among others, the Qinghai-Tibet railway line, opened on July 1, 2006;

Liu Xingzhou‘s Himalayan Olympic torch project on May 8, 2008;

and the Jiaolong submarine’s 7,000-meter-dive, among other achievements.

The Communist Party, i. e. People’s Daily – in an editorial republished on more innocent websites like Enorth (Tianjin), too, sighs with emotion:

A decade of innovation and Chinese wisdom  […] – an appraisal of Chinese reform and development since the 16th National Party Congress

Good news reverberates in the ears: Shenzhou-9 docking to Tiangong, creating Chinese precision, in the first manned space flight with a successful meeting in space.


During the past ten years, numerous scientists bravely scaled heights, devoted themselves to fundamental research […] Chinese wisdom made great contributions to development and improvement, to improve the people’s livelihood, and won dignity for the Chinese nation.


My skin is fairly thick, but for this one, I have to agree with a recent comment: to translate certain things would amount to masochism – and it’s a pretty long editorial.

I guess you’ll get the picture from the above, anyway.



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