Reception Report – Zombies on Shortwave?

Shortwave listeners are an odd bunch of people, Foarp (himself once part of the crowd, so he must know) observed in April. He was referring to those who listen to numbers stations.

JR isn’t interested in numbers stations, but doesn’t mind to be given the time of the day. Even if it is from a station that may not be quite for real.


Soundcloud – click on this logo to listen. Recorded on July 5, 11:13 – 11:16 GMT.

But if it isn’t for real, JR is wondering how they can keep broadcasting for weeks without being taken off the air. Maybe it’s just because shortwave doesn’t matter anymore?

According to their website, they are licensed by the ministry of economic development.

Either way, the Friends of Ital Cable – Amici di Ital Cable – have stayed around since mid-June or longer, and provided that their time signal is accurate, let’s wish their emissions a long life on shortwave.

July 5, 2012, 11:13 – 11:16 GMT, 10,000 kHz.



» Italcable, Wikipedia, accessed July 5
» The “Firedrake”, March 17, 2012


3 Comments to “Reception Report – Zombies on Shortwave?”

  1. When reading who “liked” which post on my blog, I’m getting the impression that those posts haven’t even been read. If I want to be “liked”, I’ll move to Facebook.

    But smart, issue-related comments will always be welcome, and I don’t mind the “Likes”. I just don’t care. That’s why I’m blogging, not facebooking.


  2. A countdown of some sort?


  3. A countdown?


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