Zhao Qizheng Resigns, part two

About four and a half hours after Ta Kung Pao had reported Zhao Qizheng‘s intention to resign as a member of the CCPPC’s standing committee, and the apparent deletion of similar coverage on many Chinese websites, the news was published on allfinance.cn at 18:45 (local time), and seems to remain online there.

Zhao Qizheng had been expected to leave his CCPPC posts next year, with the end of the 11th CPPCC’s term.

The apparent hiccup in China’s online media today – presumably, but not necessarily, in their interaction with the propaganda department, which would be exactly Zhao’s turf from the late 1990s until 2005 -, seems to stem from a reported intention to leave before the 11th CCPPC’s current term expires.

Both Ta Kung Pao and allfinance emphasize remarks Zhao reportedly made in his interview with a Southern Metropolis reporter, that preparing a press conference was coming with more stresses than preparing for a gaokao (university entry examination), and that as an old man, he now wanted to focus on teaching.

To me, the noteworthy thing about the news isn’t that Zhao wants to retire less than a year early, but the way the information apparently came, went, and came back online.



» Zhao Qizheng Resigns, Maybe, June 30, 2012



» Three Chinese paintings, china.org.cn, July 2, 2012


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