Another Year of the Cats

And after all the politics in the previous posts, it’s time for something nice. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the “K” family these days.

Kittens and mouse.


This basket is too big for all of us…


… but let’s meet somewhere else.

Obviously, cats aren’t always cute, but that picture I took outdoors of the (probable) remains of a hunting scene is too ugly to be posted on a blog that might be read without parental guidance.

4 Comments to “Another Year of the Cats”

  1. You’re precisely right, JR, there is no problem in the Spratleys that a few felines couldn’t solve, at least after a little bit of obligatory hissing. Taking naps in baskets beats flag-waving most days of the week! B


  2. I’m warning you FOARP. All nasty cat comments will be deleted.


  3. History has proven that JR has, since ancient times, always been very patient with nasty comments on cats. But of course, everything has a limit.

    Update: Both Foarp and KT revealed their anthropomorphist tendencies in October last year. The reader be the judge.


  4. I for one welcome our feline overlords


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