Shijiazhuang News Net: a Sketch from Space

From Xinhua, June 18, 2010, via Shijiazhuang News Net, June 19 – links within blockquotes added during translation.

Main link: Literary sketch: Tiankong, my Beautiful Home (神九航天员进驻天宫一号速写,美丽的”天宫”我的家)

The door has opened!

A brand-new but also very familiar room has opened to the gaze of the world: Chinese knots, the brightly-colored wuxing hongqi, beige floors, white bulkheads…

On June 18, 2012, having waited in the boundless cosmos for 215 days, Tiangong-1 welcomes family people the crew hasn’t seen for ages: 45-year-old Jing Haipeng, 43-year-old Liu Wang, and 33-year-old Liu Yang.

It’s only another few minutes, but with such a feel of urgence!





At yyy tries to open the space laboratory module’s counterbalance valve – a moment that grips everyone. One, two, three minutes… although Jing Haipeng’s shadow can clearly be seen next to the entrance, through the built-in video camera, the valve doesn’t move.

At Beijing Space Control Center, they can hear each others’ breath. At this moment, the sky-blue screen shows the linked-up entities of Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou flying over the African continent, into the direction of the Eurasian continent.

Four minutes, five minutes have passed…

“Shenzhou-9, do you need ground support?” – a calm voice sounds at the control center.

Please wait a moment, an even more calm voice replies. It’s Jing Haipeng’s reply. The 45-year-old travelled space with the Shenzhou-7 four years ago, and his psychological quality is outstanding. It was also then that Jing Haipeng and Zhai Zhigang cooperated closely in leaving Chinese footprints in deep and vast space.

“The valve has moved!” Suddenly, there are whispers at the control center.

At 17:06, as the counterbalance moves, Jing Haipeng moves forward to Tiankong’s entrance no. 1, the door of which moves up!

People can not help but applaud!












» Spacecraft docks, National Post, June 18, 2012
» China can’t stay Idle, July 13, 2011



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