European Soccer Championship and Radio

Netherlands vs. Denmark: no Radio Nederland shortwave transmission, no transmission on the two Dutch medium waves – but the BBC World Service covers the game in the 13 m band – for Africa, and for JR.

3 Comments to “European Soccer Championship and Radio”

  1. I’m waiting for a fully fledged African league. Most Euro/English soccer players are simply overpaid. I cried over this game result.


  2. I doubt that Euro- or English soccer players are overpaid, KT. I see a lot of reasons to view market mechanisms critically, but this isn’t one of them. Demand for their skills defines their incomes, which should be alright.

    It would be great to see a fully-fledged African league, but the problem is that few people in Africa would be able (or want to) pay license fees like those paid in Europe – if they did, I’m sure some Russian and Chinese investors would buy entire clubs there.

    If it depended on people like me, soccer in Germany wouldn’t be too significant, I guess – I rarely watch television, and I’d never pay for decoders, no matter how much I like soccer.


  3. Wroclaw was just crazy last night – turns out the Poles can stop a Russian attack if the Germans don’t sneak one in first!


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