Simple Past

This afternoon, …

… the Queen was fond of the flypast

… but she wasn’t so fond of the salute.


10 Comments to “Simple Past”

  1. Hi JR. Can you check your spam filter. Thanks


  2. I have had to give BBC a miss for the last few days due to all the QE11 fawning.

    Talk about a give away. A former Balmoral public relations type talked about the rich and powerful and the ‘little people’.
    I think the latter is us. Maybe FOARP

    Where are the Sex Pistols when we need them? They did a barge trip up the river in 1977 to promote one of their god-awful singles. Mayhem, white noise, broken glass, too much alcohol and mass arrests. The Filth and the Fury. God, it was great and I should have included it in my latest.


  3. Hope that I have found all your comments now, KT – and thanks for drawing my attention to the spam filter. I’ve started the habit of deleting everything wordpress deems “spam” without taking a look at it a few weeks ago, and I’m sure that one or another genuine comment gets lost this way. The reason: I simply don’t want to read so much trash, and there are tons of it every day.

    The monarchy is an Australian and British internal affair into which I shall not interfere.


  4. @KT – I’ll have you know that I am an ill-bred bastard from a line of ill-bred bastards.

    @JR – What?! I would have thought that you might have some comments to make about the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line? Such a pity about Cousin Willi . . . .

    But if you’re wondering, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool monarchist, and feel no need to justify it beyond pure sentiment.


  5. Umm… shall we get started with a certain Baroness, Foarp? Once experience has proven that that can’t hurt your feelings, I’ll continue with Aunt Victoria and her offspring.


  6. JR, your spam guard seems to be doing over-time.


  7. Hang on – you mean one or several of your comments got caught in the spam filter? I have no idea how wordpress can let “search engine optimizers” pass, and filter established commenters like KT and you instead.

    Haven’t found a comment of yours in the latest dozens of spams, but will look at the lists more closely in the coming days.


  8. Thanks JR. My 12.32 will do nicely and replies by you and FOARP gave me quiet chuckle.

    Re: Australian media. Try Asia Pacific on Radio National by Sen Lan. Highly recommended, very detailed factual reporting. Five nights a week and it has been going for years. Listen to it mosy nights before going over to BBC which has its moments. Love the Euro Cup five live….the commentators jokes are thick and fast.

    FOARP: You sound like some sort of remmittance man.
    Funny enough, one cannot hear the chains rattling in my family tree……quite the reverse in fact.


  9. Actually more have been blocked than not – but mostly they’re ones I make on my mobile.


  10. However, basically I was saying is that some of best friends in the world are anti-Thatcherite lefty republicans (Hi JB) so there’s pretty much nothing you can say about her majesty or Maggie that I haven’t heard before.

    Also, for the vast majority of British folk, the jubilee was just an opportuinity to relax with their neighbours in what fleeting sunshine could be found. Perhaps you will think on the big parades and the all-round anachronism that is the British monarchy, but on Lancing village green my nieces enjoyed triffle in the sunshine whilst they listened to the band from the local highschool, and that is what they will remember when they grow up.


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