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Friday, June 1, 2012

Rough Guessing Games: CRI, somewhere in the Central Government’s Budget

“China isn’t far away, it’s in your ear” (中国不远, 就在耳边) is a regular slogan on China Radio International‘s (CRI) Mandarin service. The organization’s budget seems to be more remote.

China Government Procurement and Supply Net (中国政府采购供应商网) provides comparatively detailed data concerning SARFT‘s (State Administration of Radio Film and Television) budget than other sources. The budget sheet lists twenty-four second-level budget spending units, including China Radio International, but still without specifying those second-level units’ respective budgets.

Their order of appearance in the SARFT budget list may or may not indicate their share in the budget:

Position Organization
1) 国家广播电影电视总局本级 / State Administration of Radio Film and Television level
2) 中国人民广播电台 / China National Radio (CNR)
3) 中国国际广播电台 / China Radio International (CRI)
4) 中央电视台 / CCTV
5) 国家广播电影电视总局无线电台管理局 / The (wireless) broadcasting management office at SARFT
6) 国家广播电影电视总局监管中心 / SARFT Supervision Center
7) 机关服务中心 / Authority Service Center
8) 中国广播艺术团 / China Broadcasting Performing Art Troupe
9) 中国电影乐团 / China Film Symphony Orchestra
10) 中国爱乐乐团 / China Philharmonic Orchestra
11) 国家广播电影电视总局培训中心 / SARFT Training Center
12) 国家广播电影电视总局电影剧本规划策划中心 / SARFT film and tv series planning center
13) 国家广播电影电视总局广播影视人才交流中心 / SARFT Human Resources Exchange Center
14) 国家广播电影电视总局、电影卫星频道节目制作中心 / SARFT film, satellite programs production center
15) 国家广播电影电视总局广播科学研究院 / Academy of Broadcasting Science
16) 中国电影资料馆 / China Film Archive
17) 中国电影科学技术研究所 / China Film Science and Technology Institute
18) 中国电影事业发展专项资金管理委员会办公室 / China Film Enterprise Development Special Funding Management Committee’s Office
19) 国家广播电影电视总局广播电视规划院 / SARFT Academy of Broadcasting Planning (ABP)
20) 国家广播电影电视总局电影技术质量检测所 / Test Institute of Film Technical Quality
21) 国家广播电影电视总局电影数字节目管理中心 / SARFT film and digital programs management center
22) 国家广播电影电视总局广播影视发展研究中心 / SARFT Radio, Television and Cinema Development Research Center (also China Communication Research Center)
23) 国家广播电影电视总局信息中心
24) 国家广播电影电视总局信息中心 / SARFT (Direct) Satellite Broadcast Radio and Television Management Center

Source for the list above:

Funding Sources

Click picture for larger table

Click picture above for larger table.

For more detailed cost elements, see download.

Where does this leave the SARFT within the total central government’s expenditure? JR isn’t familiar with anything above a billion, but this is the budget-draft amount of planned government expenditure in 2012, as of March this year: 64120亿元.

If 亿 stands for 100,000,000, this would be 6,412,000,000,000 Yuan CNY.

If SARFT has 8,842,025,500 Yuan CNY to spend, that would be 0,14 per cent of China’s central government spending -or, more correctly, 0.09 per cent. After all, only 5,502,344,100 Yuan CNY are officially provided by the government.



SARFT, Wikipedia, accessed June 1, 2012


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