“None of my Business – I will Endure” – Readers’ Comments on Shan Renping’s Chen Guangcheng Editorial

Shan Renping‘s article here.

Some of the latest comments (probably continuously censored, and there are no permalinks):

You’d better issue fewer of these articles! Otherwise, you will be submerged in a flood of indignation!! (这些文章今后还是少发!不然会被叫骂声淹没!!)

When it is your fate to choose between rape and gang rape, how will you choose? (当你的命运注定要在被强奸和被轮奸之中选择的话,那么你的答案是什么?)

The family-planning issue probably exists in reality. I’m from Rizhao, Juxian, which formerly belonged to Linyi County [corretion: City]. You can also have a look at Zhaoxian Town in Rizhao. There are no residential areas here, except for a housing district of the family-planning office. Some of the area consists of police stations, who help the family-planning office to take people into custody.  The family-planning office will take relatives of pregnant women with more than one child, or unplanned pregnancies, to a village here called Xiao Pu, to lock them up there and to attend classes. (事件中的计生问题应该是真的,我是日照莒县的,原先属于临沂。你可也去我们莒县招贤镇看看。我们镇没有什么住宅小区,除了一个是计生办的住宅小区。计生办小区有一部分是派出所的,因为派出所的帮助计生办的抓人。计生办会把超生或计划外怀孕的亲戚抓到我们一个叫小铺的村关起来,美其名曰学习班—)

That’s none of my business. I will take care of my own business, and endure. (不关我我的事,关我的事时我忍).

Provide more news that reveal negative aspects about America – that will be believable and cause no disgust, because China is also powerful!!! (多多揭露美国的负面新闻, 现在报道都会相信的不反感, 因为中国也强大了!!!)

Great writing style! (文笔不错嘛!)

Is there not a single person on this globe who would oppose America??? (全世界, 没有一个人反对美国???)

“Huanqiu Shibao [the paper which published Shan’s article] is truthful” (环球真实。), writes one commenter, somewhere in between, and “五毛拿好” (take your fifty cents) writes another.

Links within blockquote added during translation.



When the Heavens won’t Respond, Nov 11, 2011


4 Responses to ““None of my Business – I will Endure” – Readers’ Comments on Shan Renping’s Chen Guangcheng Editorial”

  1. Darn, our plot to foil China’s colorful rise has been detected again! I just feel so…..thwarted. 🙂

    It’s of course funny how Chen is depicted as a “tool” of the West but anyone standing in lockstep with the CCP as regards his case has, as Hu Xijin explained so well in your earlier translation, made a _conscious choice_ to give up their freedom to diverge with the mass line…..Anyway, thanks for delving into the pushback, I think this kind of thing is important insofar as it shows that “public opinion” in China is far from monolithic.


  2. Things become even funnier when one reminds oneself that the daily GT brainwash may count as sophisticated, compared to what used to be the daily lecture from the propaganda department in the past. Ein Redakteur der Staatspresse darf sich vor nichts ekeln – noch nicht einmal vor seinem eigenen Ersprochenem [sich erbrechen – a pun with pavement pizza].



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