Bo Xilai planned the Third World War

OK, maybe not. But he (or Wang Lijun, or whoever) wiretapped everyone, up to the collective leader Hu Jintao himself, “nearly half a dozen” (i. e. 5.9, I guess?) CCP officials people with party ties claim, as quoted by the New York Times. And the British government is soooo happy that the rule of law applies in China, and that the Heywood case is re-investigated. OK, not quite that, either – he welcomes Neil Heywood death investigation.

My theory is that Bo Xilai shagged Sarah Palin, conspired with the Nazis on the dark side of the moon, and that they will soon abduct him so that he can’t reveal their schemes.

We will never see Bo Xilai again. That’s almost for sure.

Extraordinary rendition: JR Intelligence Unit spotted Bo in Syria.

Update - Update - Update: JR Intelligence Unit spotted Bo in Syria in what appears to be an extraordinary rendition arrangement between Beijing and Damascus.

2 Comments to “Bo Xilai planned the Third World War”

  1. Carefull J.R.. These rumors you are spreading are dangerous and unhealthy.
    And stop reading CDS!


  2. Those little rumors can’t do any harm anymore, Neru. Huanqiu Shibao/b>’s Dan Renping, in an article for People’s Daily, informs us that the Chinese public has lost interest in the Bo Xilai case, and that it is mainly Westerners who are still fascinated, for a lack of understanding, and prejudices against China’s political system.

    So, Hu cares what bad elements like me (or the New York Times may write.

    (Btw, I’m wondering how long CDS can keep their insane coverage going. It’s great fun to read there, but I couldn’t churn out so much bs on a daily basis – not for long, anyway. After a while, all those events inside the Huanqiu Shibao world begin to look so… umm… normal


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