The Weeks before June 4: Wu Renhua’s Introduction

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The following is a translation from Wu Renhua‘s Major Daily Events, Tian An Men 1989 (八九天安门事件逐日大事记). In a few paragraphs, Wu explains how the document evolved.

From April 15 to June 9, 2011, on Twitter, I reviewed, on a daily basis, the 1989 Tian An Men Incident, and this chronological document has been compiled on the basis of the daily material compiled then.


I began studying classical literature as a major, at Beijing University, in spring 1982,  successively obtained the degrees of a bachelor and a master’s degree, was trained in textual research and editing, bibliography and other relevant professional skills. In 1989, when I was at the China University of Political Science and Law Ancient Legal Books Research Institute, I experienced the Tian An Men Incident myself: the students’ demonstrations, the hungerstriking petitioners, and the whole military clearance process of the square.


In February 1990, I left China, and fled across the sea. In May that year, I wrote a long essay, “Last Scene of the Tian An Men Incident”, to record the complete process of the Tian An Men Square clearing.


Over the years, I kept gathering and researching material concerning the 1989 Tian An Men Incident, published “Inside Stories about the sanguinary Clearance of Tian An Men Square” (天安门血腥清场内幕) in May 2007 and “The Martial-Law Troops in the 6-4 Incident” 六四事件中的戒严部队 in May 2009. Currently, I’m writing on ” The Whole Story of the 1989Tian An Men Incident” (tentative title).


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