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Monday, April 16, 2012

Local Soft Power: Governance Expertise from the Top

Main Link: Central Party Compilation and Translation Bureau notice, March 23, 2012.

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The Local Governance Research Center, jointly launched by the CCP Central Compilation and Translation Bureau’s World Developmental Strategy Research Department (中共中央编译局世界发展战略研究部) and the Fujian Provincial Party School’s Management Research Department (中共福建省委党校管理学教研部), was established at the Fujian Provincial Committee’s Party School on March 19, 2012. Central Compilation and Translation Bureau deputy director Yu Keping (俞可平) and CCP Fujian Provincial Party School managing deputy director Chen Xiongchang inaugurated the Center. The Research Center is a new try by the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau to carry out cooperation with local research bodies, in the great spirit of science and research, and [the Local Research Center] is its first research partner in Fujian, and a new member in China’s governmental research network.


The Center’s mission is “to examine changes [or reform] in governance, to summarize administrational experience, and to propagate wisdom in power”. It will devote its efforts to the discovery of innovative practice in local party and governmental organs, enterpreneurial and institutional units (danwei), public organizations, and other institutions and mechanisms, organizational reform, public services, villagers (communities / neighborhoods), and autonomous and social management, and provide reference to all levels of party and governmental strategic decisionmaking. The Center will also create conditions under which there will be local specialists in governance research, a scientific and academic backbone with a certain influence on society, to strengthen governmental capabilities within local government, and to build think tanks1) that will improve local governmental conditions. The Center plans to edit the “China Local Governance Bulletin” and to publish the “China Local Governance Research Book Series”.


World Developmental Strategy Research Department director He Zengke2) (何增科) will be an advising member, [World Developmental Strategy Research Department] deputy director Yang Xuedong (杨雪冬) will be the academic commission’s director, and Central Compilation and Translation Bureau’s Science and Research head of department Chen Jiagang (陈家刚) will be a member of the academic commission.


(Exclusive contributor: Strategy Research Department, 供稿:战略部)



1) 思想库 (sīxiǎngkù) – think tanks are more frequently referred to as 智库 (zhìkù) in Chinese, I believe.
2) He Zengke on soft power »

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