Good Ganbu’s Lessons from Kim Jong-un: Giggle Often

Good Ganbu: Giggle Often

Good Ganbu: Giggle Often


Comrade Kim Jong-un and his elders heeded your advice. Now it is our turn to learn from them. Granted, we can’t assess yet if only the BBC‘s correspondent in Seoul (she’s still a teenager, I think) got so carried away was so impressed, or if this is an impact on the foreign media at large.

As we can see, it just may be very easy to impress journalists from foreign lands. This is my confidential advice for Comrade Xi Jinping., from next year on.

Make “a real departure” from Comrade Hu Jintao‘s style:

  • give live, public speeches on Tian An Men Square
  • say some familiar and some new things
  • laugh and joke in-between taking your first salutes as chairman
  • as you can’t talk about belts not to be tightened any longer, as our motherland is already very prosperous, harp on financial / banking reform instead
  • bolster your stand with the people  – OK, maybe notsomeone else tried that just recently)
  • Hug the soldiers and workers, test their beds and food
  • literally giggle behind your hand to some of your comrades on the stage
  • show a new flavor, a new warmth

Haole, maybe this BBC report wasn’t indicative for foreign media, but there are lessons for us to learn. Trust me, your old Comrade with all the Yan’an experience. Remember Chairman Mao’s wonderful jokes. Remember Comrade Zhou Enlai‘s convivial people-to-people diplomacy, and how he and his wife made Shirley MacLaine cry. And mention Mikhail Gorbachev once in a while, but only behind closed doors with foreign leaders.

But don’t be too nice at home. Understand that there is an international public, and a domestic public. Each side wants to be fooled served in its own ways.

And don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work at once. Chairman Mao even impressed Kissinger, didn’t he?

Hao Ganbu



» A Return to Kim Il Sung’s Style, Times of India, April 15, 2012
» More Mirrors at the Barber’s, Voice of Korea, March 4, 2012



2 Comments to “Good Ganbu’s Lessons from Kim Jong-un: Giggle Often”

    Kim Jong-un “überspielt Raketenpanne mit POMPÖSER Parade”!
    Kim Jong Un liest Rede “mit monotoner Stimme vom Manuskript ab”!
    Wo bleibt da die MENSCHLICHE WÄRME?!
    Was sollen die nordkoreanischen Studenten an unseren Unis von uns denken?!
    Der SPIEGEL fälscht wieder was er kann! HÄNKE, ÜBERNEHMEN SIE!


  2. Bitte bleiben Sie sachlich
    die Red./JR


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