Innocents Abroad, travelling Taiwan

This blog is mostly read from the office – traffic during holidays would suggest that anyway. China’s holidays are still ahead, around May 1, and you can guess what’s going to happen on Alishan in Taiwan then, once you’ve read MKL‘s piece – Parallel worlds on Taiwan’s famous mountain.

An even bigger event should be the Golden Week, around October 1.

The second photo of MKL’s post shows – from left to right – Deng Xiaoping (with a white and a black cat tucked under his right and left arm respectively), Chiang Kai-shek (“my dreams have come true! At last, our mainland brothers have returned to the motherland!”), Chiang Ching-kuo (I guess), Mao Zedong (“At last! We have taken back our last province!”), and Soong May-ling (I guess).

Both his post and the comments following it include some thoughts about how Chinese and Taiwanese sightseeing patterns differ in Taiwan – and how they resemble each other once people from either side travels Europe or any other more distant place.



» All the same, October 10, 2009


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