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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Approaches, Hence Slowing Output

Reading offline and spring refurbishing duties might slow my blogging activities down for a few days. But JR will be back – promised. I’m still in love with blogging, just as that cat is still in love with the old gift basket.

Cat in Circles

Now a big tomcat, but there's nothing as homely as this childhood basket

Meantime, Beijing Cream, a frequently-updated blog, might keep you informed, or entertained, or both. (I have no idea who’s blogging there, but it seems they only went online in February this year.)

Or you might want to read that story where all your questions about Gu Kailai, the deranged Red Queen of Chongqing, will be answered. King Tubby, the deranged blogger from Australia, is full of rumors, of course, but he was kind enough to mention my blog there – he just was too much at odds with his computer to link here.

And anyone who is interested in the battle between Fang Zhouzi and Han Han should read this post by Huo Long, and engage in a debate, if there’s something to add.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Struggling for the Prerogative of Interpreting the Imperial Court

Continuous economic reforms that promote market forces is the only path that will deliver prosperity to the Chinese people; political stability grounded in one-party rule is the only guarantor against extreme populism and national disintegration; a continuously reforming and meritocratic Communist Party is the most viable political organization that can lead the nation in its renaissance.

Eric X. Li, Shanghai venture capitalist, commenting on (interpretations of) Wen Jiabao‘s reference to possible future tragedies.

What did he mean?

Well, Comrade Jiabao? Whaddya say?



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