Dolkun Isa: How Things have Changed

27 years ago we could hold a demonstration, and nobody would be killed by the Chinese police-­‐ “just” punished to house arrest and getting kicked out of university. 16 years ago we could hold an international gathering in Almaty, with no one getting arrested. But unfortunately, today the situation of the Uyghur is getting worse; not only for those in East Turkestan, but also for those in exile. Neighbouring countries have deported a lot of Uyghur refugees to China in recent years.

Dolkun Isa, World Uyghur Congress secretary general, speaking on a European-Parliament conference on nuclear testing in Xinjiang.



» Kashi Knife Attacks, Global Times, Febr 29, 2012
» 30 Years After Test 596, Agenda/Helios, Febr 2012
» Friendship 2010, Frightening Effect, July 4, 2010


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