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Friday, March 2, 2012

Re: Intelligence

Stratfor is just The Economist a week later and several hundred times more expensive.

Max Fisher, The Atlantic, Feb 27, 2012, quoting a friend



» Why Wikileaks can’t Work, Dec 1, 2010


Friday, March 2, 2012

How Can a German Judge be Hostile to Marx and Engels?

The following are excerpts from a post by Jin Zi Shan (金子山), whose blog is hosted by Huanqiu Shibao, Phoenix (Hong Kong), and People’s Daily.  Jin Zi Shan reacted to a report by Huanqiu Shibao on the latest round of a lawsuit between two former  Deutsche Welle journalists and their former employer.

There are many blogs of this kind, which I tend to view as “semi-official” – see footnote 1) on this previous translation, re Shan Ren.

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Even if she viewed the Chinese journalists as “Communist elements”, it isn’t known why the judge upheld their dismissals [by Deutsche Welle], based on which law. There is a German Communist Party in Germany, there are “Communist elements”, and it isn’t clear if those employed at Deutsche Welle are treated equally, or if this aimed only at Chinese “Communist elements”. Chinese Communists aren’t into global power and hegemony, they have led the Chinese people to development successes that caught the eyes of the global public. This is nothing to make Chinese “Communist elements” suffer for.  The judge’s verdict, only relying on the expression of points of view, and given without a legal basis, can only be described as an epic joke.


“Communist elements” adhere to Marxism. The two founders of Marxism, Marx and Engels, were both Germans. After the establishment of Marxism, it developed great global influence. Even within capitalist countries, Marxist theory was learned from, to improve political content and methodology, to solidify the foundations of political power. It is hard to see how a judge, who is herself a German, can categorically exclude “Communist elements”, how she can be hostile to two great, well-known Germans.



The world’s countries have different patterns of development and ideological choices, and there can be no absolute objective view. China has attracted foreign capitalists’ investment for decades, and  those few Westerners don’t need to see “Communist elements” as formidable foes. Never mind that the cold war is long over, and that there aren’t two intensely antagonistic camps any more, the knives should be put away, and peaceful cooperation should become the global theme.




» Vogt vs Germany, Wikipedia

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